I’m A Celeb 2012: The camp-mates are getting sick of their buddies, and Nadine Dorries talks politics!

by Anna Howell

The camp mates all woke up this morning to the task of re-chaining themselves to the bush buddy again, with the novelty definitely having worn off at this stage.

It is pretty safe to say that the campmates were getting slightly agitated with their new buddies, or at least being chained to them all day, and the tension started to spill over the camp fire, with everyone admitting that it was difficult to stay attached to one another.

Nadine admitted: “I’ve got no chance with Eric he keeps un-attaching himself and I’m walking around with a piece of string next to me.”

She continued: “Being attached to Eric is very funny. Eric is not someone who abides by the rules. I will be doing things and suddenly I’ll look down and have an empty tether walking along with me and there will be no Eric because he would have escaped.”

Whilst Hugo added: “I don’t think anyone is enjoying this. There is this lurking mood of anger around the camp. I think someone would like to take one of the cardboard cut outs and smash it to pieces.”

Before later confessing: “I’m motivated not to be first out.”

With the mood in camp mood in slightly frazzled mode, and with the departure of the camps in-house comedian, Brian Connelly due to medical reasons, the task of lightening the mood was left to larger than life TV Chef, Rosemary.

Rosemary began relaying the tale of her experiences with a medium, to which Eric quickly chipped in asking: “Was his wife an extra-large,” which sent the camp into a fit of laughter, all except a confused Helen who replied that she didn’t understand the joke.

After Rosemary had finally managed to finish her take of ‘spiritual guides’ Nadine confided to the rest of her camp mates: “This has been so amazing for me. I realised that I have laughed so much. I realised that the day I entered politics is the day I stopped laughing. I’ve also realised, because people might say you’re with a load of celebrities, but a lot of people in here apart from Hugo are from very normal backgrounds.”

Hugo answered back: “What’s not normal about my background? Why should I be excluded? I come from the same country as you, I speak the same language.”

To which Nadine replied: “You’re in the top two per cent, so you’re not normal. The other 98% are.”

Before continuing: “I’ve realised how disconnected politics is from people because politicians don’t laugh. It’s so grim it’s just the bubble we work in this disconnected bubble from everything else.”

Hugo then asked: “Does Boris laugh?”

Nadine replied: “Boris does that’s why Boris is so loved as a politician; I’ve never laughter like this for years.”