I’m A Celebrity 2012: Helen Flanagan apologises to Limahl, but he is too busy checking his hair to care!

by Anna Howell

With the new partnerships of Bush Buddies not really going down well with most of the camp, it would seem that the first challenge winners, Helen Flanagan and Limahl, seem to have taken to each other like ducks to water!

When the camp mates returned from the challenge, a chuffed-to-bits Helen was thrilled to hear Limahl had won the challenge, instantly resulting in her taking back all the bad things she had ever said about him.

Helen said: “I can’t believe how selfish I was on your second day, you know on your first day when I had a go at you. Even thought they were hurtful things, I can’t believe how selfish I was. I just wanted to say that.”

Meanwhile, with not much else to talk about, the conversation turned to Limahl’s famous hair!

Limahl’s barnet was infamous in the 80’s as he helped cement the era of the mullet firmly in the history books, but when his fellow camp mates watched his vigorous routine to get it into perfect shape and position, they were left gobsmacked!

After wetting his hair, he stood by the fire and brushed it repeatedly, and when Hugo challenged him as to why he was brushing it still as he had already brushed it “50 times” and it looked “exactly the same,” Limahl explained that he was in fact “straightening it,’ adding: “Once I’ve straightened it, I can ruffle it up. My hair is very demanding, it’s not my fault it’s my hair’s fault.”

David later commented: “this guy spends three, four sometimes five hours a day just checking it. I saw it at one stage, it was 15 minutes looking in the mirror. The dudes 50 odd, forget about your hair. Can’t be focusing that much time on your hair there’s too much going on in the world”

And it would seem that even when no hand mirror is nearby, Limahl finds alternative ways to check his ‘do’, even resorting to using the telephone box reflection to see to any stray stragglers.

When Nadine suggested that his hair “looked better combed over like it was this morning”, Limahl defiantly replied: “I prefer it like this. I never have it in that style, it’s a half construction look and I wouldn’t normally walk around that long or be in public but with no hairdryer. The only way to dry my hair straight is to just comb it and leave it.”