I’m A Celebrity 2012: Helen Flanagan faces her sixth Bushtucker trial, and brings home ALL the bacon!!!

by Anna Howell

Well, none of us could have been surprised that Helen Flanagan was nominated to do tonight’s bushtucker trial during last night’s show, but I think we were all very surprised at the results!

This was Helens sixth bushtucker trial in a row, with the first five seeing her bring home a record zero meals for the rest of her camp, but tonight, despite this latest trial boasting the usual amount of creepy-crawlies and jungle critters, Helen surprised everyone, by bringing home every single star!

Already psyched up for tonight’s challenge, Helen arrived at the Trials area ready and raring to go.

And when she was asked if she was “Feeling good?” by Dec, she replied: “I want to win. I want to win 12. I’m determined

“I’ve got to do this. There is so much pressure from the camp. Everybody’s really hungry and I just want to win for myself now”

“Have they piled the pressure on” asked Dec. “Yeah, I suppose” answered Helen. When asked what they said, she answered.

“Basically we’re all starving in the camp. I just want to win the stars and get it over and done with. Let’s do it. I have a total block yesterday but I’ve got myself together and I’m alright. I just want to do it.”

When asked if she was planning on going back to camp empty handed, she confidently replied: “I’m not going to do that”. “I think they’ll be pretty angry if you did do that” said Ant.

During the Deadly Delivery Trial, Helen had to put her head in a Perspex box whilst simultaneously manoeuvring a star across a maze.

When she reached other end, she had to pull a star, closely guarded by jungle critters, out of the box with her teeth, which would give her two stars for each box.

The first box which contained mixed lizards, which we were not expecting to go down well, but the once drama queen moved the star across the maze and pulled the other out of the box with her teeth, earning her first two stars, exclaiming: “I absolutely sh*t myself” before adding: “Guys I’m so happy.”

The second box contained a cocktail of critters – scorpions, crickets, cockroaches and millipedes, however a determined Helen insisted that “I do not want to know what is in it”, before proceeding to move the star across the course and win two more stars, making a total of four.

In the next box was one of Helen’s worst fears, spiders, prompting the soap princess to declare: “Oh My God I f*cking hate spiders” yet, despite her fears, she still stuck her head in and successfully retrieved more two stars.

The fourth box contained soldier crabs, which, according to Dec: “They could nip a bit”! However, Helen put her head in the box and retrieved the star as a crab crawled up her face and tried to get into her goggles, excitedly asking: “How the hell did I get eight stars?”

Next up was a box containing 10,000 cockroaches, which crawled over her face and hair, even escaping and crawling all over the top half of her body, yet she persevered and won two more stars for camp.

“Who are you and what have you done with Helen Flanagan “ joked Ant as she put her head in the sixth and final box which contained five carpet pythons, which she managed to wrestle the final two stars from!

“I’m so happy. I’ve never been so happy” she shouted jumping up and down after her ordeal was complete, “I’ve never been so proud of myself ever. I feel on cloud nine”.

After the Trial, Helen was beside herself with excitement and relief, commenting through her tears: “I can’t believe I got 12. Oh my God, this is ridiculous. I’m just so happy. Honestly I’ve never been so happy. I’m just really really thrilled I was able to get that. It’s so stupid. Honestly I can’t tell you how scared I was and just feel really proud of myself and I felt really proud and happy. My campmates will be so happy and I can’t wait to go back.”

Meanwhile, back in camp, the others were debating how many stars Helen would bring back whilst preparing for another night without food.

“None” was Eric’s guess, whilst an optimistic Ashley said: “Three”.

“Who knows? We’ve been here before haven’t we?” said Charlie.

But David said: “There was a little difference to her today though.”

Charlie added: “She knows if she doesn’t do it today people are going to get really pissed off.”

When Helen ran in shouting “I got 12.” the camp all cheered in in amazement.

“I was completely in shock” said Ashley. “I was flabbergasted.”

Charlie said: ”I can’t tell you how happy everybody was. It couldn’t have come at a better time because at the moment I’m flagging because there’s no food and everything else.”

“We’re going to have a feast” she continued.

David said “I couldn’t believe it. Everybody was dumbfounded. Nobody could understand how or why. Everybody was shocked.”

Colin said “It’s perked us all up. It means we’re going to be busy this evening because we’re all going to be chopping, scrapping, preparing and peeling. Obeying the mighty Rosemary who I’m on record as saying I adore. I think she’s the best thing to happen to this jungle.”

In camp Eric said “I’m taken aback”. “Shaken to your very foundations” added David. “Discombobulated” added Colin.
And the camp burst into a chorus of “Congratulations!”