I’m A Celebrity 2012: Hugo Taylor warns Helen Flanagan, come back with food or else it will all kick off!

by Anna Howell

You can hardly blame the entire I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here camp for losing patience with drama queen Helen Flanagan, and so it was not much of a surprise to us (or her) when instead of dishing out the ‘there-there’s’ and ‘just do your best’ pep talks before she embarked upon her sixth bushtucker trial, they issued her a ‘bring back food or else’ warning!

This was the sixth trial that Coronation Street star, Helen, had been voted by the British public to do, after the previous five had resulted in a big fat zero in the meal count so far, and as fed up as she must have been of doing them, we doubt it slightly measured the annoyance levels of her starving camp mates.

So far the soap princess has screamed ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’ after a few seconds during her first trial, forfeiting the competition, lasted less than five minutes during the another one after she got frightened when the lights were turned off, left one after four stars, all of which were disqualified for her rule breaking antics, and flatly refusing to even attempt the last one, so no one’s expectations of eating anything other than rice or beans were particularly high when she prepared to set off tonight.

However, for once, Helen seemed to finally pick up on the tension she had been causing the other celebs, and did seem to show more determination than ever before.

Still determined to motivate the Wag, however fruitless their efforts looked likely to be, the rest of camp did try and spur her on, albeit with slightly different tactics.

Ashley told Flanagan: “You’ve eaten crap, you’ve been in the darkness, you’ve seen an ostrich, you’ve had bugs on you, you’ve seen rats.”

As well as later adding to the rest of the group: “We’re probably being a bit more honest and aggressive because we want her to go out there and win for herself and for us.”

And honest seemed to be the name of the game, as the feisty Pussycat Doll later joined forces with Made In Chelsea star, Hugo Taylor, to tell Flanagan: “If you come back to camp and say that you’ve failed then everyone will kick off. You can’t freeze.”

Hugo seemed particularly passionate about this subject, as he later reported in the Bush Telegraph: “In the first couple of days it was Helen ooohhhh . . . are you ok poor princess. I mean its rubbish. To motivate someone, if being nice and softly softly doesn’t work then you’ve got to nail it into them.”

Boxing champ, David Hayes tried a more softly-softly approach, as he asked her: “Are you feeling the pressure today more than ever?”

“I’m having palpitations” she responded. “Good” said David. “It didn’t really matter before. Now we’re hungry.”

Whilst politician Nadine Dorries added: “We’re really hungry now!”

Helen addressed the camp before leaving, stating: “Can I just say to everyone, I’ve got no choice today. I’ve got to go in there and get all the stars no matter what I’ve got to do.”

To which Rosemary responded: “Great attitude”

Whilst Dart champ, Eric Bristow added: “In your head when you go in there, you think of somebody in here that you like the best, think that first star that’s for him or her. And then the second, think of someone else, that’s for them.”

Speaking to the Bush Telegraph Helen said: “I’ve never felt this much pressure before. Ever and I think the motivation is my campmates as well because there’s been a different aura. Everyone’s like no, go. Come on. We’re all starving.”

She continued “Everyone in the camp is really hungry. These people are my friends and I care about them because I’ve become close to them in the camp and when you’re here, that is all you’ve got.”

“No matter what they’re doing to me I have to do it.”

EastEnders star, Charlie Brooks commented to the camp: “Tough love you know. They say that works with young teenagers so we’ve all shown her a bit of tough love today and hopefully she’s come back with the stars.”

“She’s 22. She’s not a baby. In actual fact she’s got to go out and nail this today. She’s got to think about the team. She’s got to because everyone’s starving now.”

When Helen left camp, she didn’t want anyone to kiss her or make a fuss, exclaiming: “Don’t kiss me or anything like that. I’ve just got to go.”

“She didn’t want to say goodbye to anyone” David commented after she had left. “She didn’t want any hugs; she didn’t want any fanfare. If she’s ever going to do it, she’s walked out with the right mind set today. She knows what’s at stake.”

Limahl and Charlie accompanied Helen to the Trials area, with Charlie advising her: “You need to get a grip. Get in there. Just do it.”

Helen responded finally with: “I just really want this. I really want the camp to be proud of me. You know and get a really nice dinner tonight. I want to get 12 stars. I really really want this. I’m determined not to be scared and determined to do it.”