I’m A Celebrity 2012: Hungry Hugo Taylor brands Rosemary Shrager a bossy chef!

by Anna Howell

Now, we know that there have been previous tensions between Made In Chelsea star, Hugo Taylor and politician, Nadine Dorries, when it came to the matter of cooking, but we all assumed that would come to an abrupt end with the introduction of celebrity chef, Rosemary Shrager to the camp, but it seems we were wrong!

Before the two camps merged at the weekend, Hugo and Nadine seemed to be constantly at logger-heads over who did the cooking, with both branding the other bossy and annoying, but it seems that even a celebrity chef does not solve the too may cooks recipe for disaster!

After more days than they care to remember surviving on rice and beans alone, the mood in camp was pretty dire, with the main topic of conversation being that of food!

Boxing champ, David Hayes commented: “The team are very, very hungry now. It’s as hungry as I’ve ever seen the people here. The people are very unsettled by the lack of food.”

Whilst Limahl added: “today is the first day I’m feeling this zap of energy and everyone is despondent if we’re going to get any food.”

Followed by Made In Chelsea star, Hugo Taylor exclaiming: “I’m hungry, my stomach’s wasting away, I’m definitely losing weight.”

And just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, they were horrified to realise that they were actually running out of their rice supply, one of the only edible components of their less than basic current diet.

Ever the optimist, Rosemary cheerfully took charge of the situation, and worked out what they had left, commenting that whilst they might be out of rice, they had “loads of beans.”

This went down like the Titanic as far as Hugo was concerned, who snapped back: “no one likes f*cking beans.”

Ignoring this negativity, Rosemary cheerfully went on to explain to the others how she could do “something with them”, which prompted Hugo to snap back: “What?”

No longer able to ignore his bad mood, Rosemary responded: “your attitude this morning is grumpy and not becoming. I want you to stop it.”

Hugo did apologise for his outburst later, and like a good sport then allowed the larger than life chef, and the rest of camp, to mock his sulky behaviour.

Rosemary addressed the situation, telling him: “If you want me to help you I’ll help you if not, I will not. Believe me I’m very good at walking away.”

After the altercation, David took to the Bush Telegraph to excuse Hugo’s behaviour, commenting: “Hugo snapped at Rosie. He’s not like that normally, it’s because he’s hungry. People’s personalities are changing.”

Rosemary later commented in the Bush Telegraph: “Hugo gave me a really hard time. He’s stroppy today. He’s being a stroppy little spoilt boy

Speaking to the Bush Telegraph himself, Hugo admitted: “I don’t think people realise, rice, beans and water those are your three flavours and they’re almost flavourless. It’s not as simplistic as when you’re tired and cranky at home. It’s much more difficult.”

Bur that wasn’t the only cooking drama in tonight’s show!

With a plan to make the rations last, and hopefully become a bit more palatable, Rosemary enlisted the help of her fellow camp mates as she prepared to put it in action.

Telling the camp mates to put beans in a bowl, ‘smash them’ up and then roll them into a small balls, Rosemary managed to help pick spirits up somewhat from her hungry campmates.

David even joked: “smashing is what I do best!”

Whilst Colin said, “Rosemary is brilliantly finding a way of making the in inedible, edible and we’re mashing beans and going to make little bean balls.”

However, taking her new teaching role a tad too far, Rosemary managed to upset quite a few of her fellow celebs who thought she was barking orders at her, in particular Eric Bristow, who seemed less than happy with being “shouted at.”

Rosemary confessed, “I find Eric quite tricky to deal with. I told him to almost shut up and get on with it because I couldn’t cope with it anymore. He started to get bored. The problem is they are all lazy.”

Cue hungry Hugo to rear his bad mood again, as he hit back at the chef exclaiming: “you’re very bossy in the kitchen.

“Please don’t be overly bossy. I did a very menial task, I’ve done it, I’ve cleaned my dish and I’m getting shouted at.”

Whilst Eric barked, “we’re not a bunch of kids, don’t treat us like it.”

Former Doctor Who, Colin Baker, commented, “(there are) too many macho men in there who think being told what to do makes them less of a man instead of just doing it.”

Despite the bitter atmosphere, the food, however, did seem to sweeten the atmosphere, with Rosemary’s dish of bean balls having the camp admitting that dinner that night was actually very good.

Hugo said: “that tasted bloody delicious, these are the beans which have been our nemeses since we arrived.”

Whilst Eric admitted: “it’s better than beans anyway.”

Rosemary admitted to her camp mates: “that took a lot of willpower to get through that.”

Whilst ever the diplomat, Nadine told the chef: “some of us are very grateful indeed. You are a fantastic dynamic to the group and we’re very grateful you’re here.”

Later Rosemary commented: “you would have thought with me being there they would embrace it with open arms but they sort of fight me. It’s weird.”