ITV To Snatch Andrew Lloyd Webber


ITV are reportedly trying to lure Andrew Lloyd Webber onto their channel after he revealed that he would not be working with the BBC next year.

Lloyd Webber was due to launch his search for a lady to star as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz next year on BBC but pulled out over concerns that he would be accused of promoting his own new musical ‘Love Never Dies’, due out at the same time.

An ITV source told The Sun that talks were “at an advanced stage”.

He added: “Andrew’s TV shows so far have been exciting and creative and we would love to strike up a relationship with him.

“At ITV, Andrew would be freed up to use more of his own works on TV – as we don’t have the BBC strict rules over commercial links.”

I’m not sure that Andrew switching allegiance would be in his best interests. Whilst I would be delighted to see Lloyd Webbers own brand of reality TV back on our screens, I’m not convinced that ITV would do him justice. In their attempt to maximise all possible profits the channel often sacrifice the quality of their shows. They engage in over hyping tactics which leaves their show stars in the prime position for falling flat on their face. When the show fades, so often does their careers.

BBC talent shows are more contestant focused. Andrew Lloyd Webber strives to help his performers grow, improve and tries to prepare them for their future on stage. He stays in touch with some after the show and many of the runners up go on to have successful stage careers as a result, a career it should be said which Lloyd Webber makes not one penny from.

ITV is more worried about the next ‘scandal’. Will Sharon throw water at Louis again? Does Dannii really hate Cheryl? The winners are signed for as long as they are deemed profitable (which may be as little as one album) and ditched unceremoniously when the next big thing comes along (think Steve Brookstein, Leon Jackson).

If ALW signs with ITV it will have to be with a huge book of stipulations, he will have to oversee the whole format of the show before he agrees to put his name to it. He really could be risking his reputation on this one.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!