James Corden weeps for Harry Styles & Liam Payne sparks health worries! One Direction news

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Ok so he may not have actually cried, but James Corden has admitted that he has a lot of sympathy for Harry Styles and admitted that at times, the One Direction star must feel like his life is a bit of a prison.

The British star – best known for his work on Gavin and Stacey and his presenting of shows such as The Brit Awards – is a close friend to Haz and has spent plenty of time with the hunk both in London and abroad and as a result, he has a unique insight into his life and the effects of his fame.

James met with Styles while they were both in New York last year and the dad of one was stunned when hundreds of fans tracked them down and turned up to mob him at his hotel.

He told Fabulous magazine of his shock when 700 fans suddenly appeared after a message went out revealing Harry’s location on Twitter.

“I can’t imagine what their life must feel like day to day…..” he revealed.

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Corden confessed that One Direction’s lives must “sometimes feel like a prison” however he’s full of pride in his pals, for staying so true to themselves and keeping themselves so down to earth, despite being globally recognisable and hounded wherever they go.

“They’re unbelievably together despite the way their lives have changed. That’s the best thing I can say about them – they’re the same.”

Meanwhile, concerns have arisen over Liam Payne’s health.

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The 1D hunk is said to be badly affected by the ‘intensity of life in the band’ according to his driving instructor.

Noel Gaughan spent every day for a week with the Little Things singer recently, for an intensive driving course and after the star passed his test, Noel revealed that he survives on kit-kats and coffee, with very little other sustenance most days.

The expert revealed that Liam is obsessed with working out and maintaining his new trim and buff physique and he thinks the stress of his lifestyle and the constant attention on him leads to him getting ‘carried away’ with the gym and his consuming need to look good.

We suppose touring the world, being under the spotlight constantly and having the media on your doorstep day after day must take it’s toll but we hope the band’s management are keeping a close eye on Liam.

We wouldn’t want him getting ill after all!

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