Jan Moir writes new Stephen Gately article

Daily Mail journalist, Jan Moir has written a follow up article, this time apologising for her comments on the death of Stephen Gately last week.

Many of Moir’s comments on Gately’s death enraged fans. Lines that stood out were that his death “strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships”. She also insisted that his passing was “not, by any yardstick, a natural one”.

In her new article Moir said: “Obviously, a great deal of offence has been taken and I regret any affront caused. This was never my intention.

“To be the focus of such depth of feeling has been an interesting experience, but I do not complain. After all, I am not – unlike those close to Stephen Gately – mourning for the loss of a much-loved partner, son, family member and close friend. To them, I would like to say sorry if I have caused distress by the insensitive timing of the column, published so close to the funeral.”

Moir also claimed that many of her comments were taken out of proportion and added that she would have writtn the same piece about a hetrosexual couple.

She said: “This brings me back to the bile, the fury, the inflammatory hate mail and the repeated posting of my home address on the internet. To say it was a hysterical overreaction would be putting it mildly, though clearly much of it was an orchestrated campaign by pressure groups and those with agendas of their own.

“However, I accept that many people – on Twitter and elsewhere – were merely expressing their own personal and heartfelt opinions or grievances. This said, I can’t help wondering – is there a compulsion today to see bigotry and social intolerance where none exists by people who are determined to be outraged? Or was it a failure of communication on my part?”


Lisa McGarry

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