Jonathan Ross defends ‘pretty little’ Justin Bieber & admits Justin Timberlake got him ‘hammered’


Jonathan Ross has defended Justin Bieber after his recent media scandal.

The young Canadian star recently spent a month in the UK and hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, the last one being because he tried to attack a photographer who told him to ‘go back to America’ as he left his hotel.

Many fans worried that the teen idol was heading for a breakdown, especially after he was two hours (or he claims 40 minutes) late for a concert at the O2 arena, meaning that many young fans had to leave and head home before he even performed.

However, Ross – who has interviewed Biebs for his ITV chat show a few times – said that he thinks it’s more likely that the singer just over slept.

He said:


“Just look at his pretty little face – how could you not forgive him? OK, so he was late. You know what, he probably overslept – he’s 19! My son sometimes doesn’t surface until the afternoon. Maybe he was just on Bieber-time.”

No stranger to media scandals himself, Ross thinks the ‘Baby’ hitmaker will have learnt from his mistakes and added:

“I’m sure he learnt a lesson from it, like we all do. He’ll move on and I’m sure it will never happen again.”

The incident hasn’t put Jonathan off booking Justin, though he may put some safety measures in place if Bieber does return to his chat show in the future.

“I’ll invite him on but I’ll tell him he has to arrive two hours earlier than I actually need him, just to be safe!” he said.

justin timberlake

From one Justin to another, Ross also revealed that he was totally off his face drunk after interviewing Justin Timberlake at the end of last month.

The ‘Mirrors’ singer was in London to perform on The Brit Awards and during their chat he and Jonathan consumed a few alcoholic tipples which affected Ross more than he cared to admit at the time.

He said:

“Justin Timberlake was great. He was good fun. I did go home hammered though! We had, like five tequilas in 15 minutes. It was a nightmare for me – I didn’t drink for 11 years! They took my keys off me at the studio and had to put me in a cab. I went home giggly.”

Read the full interview in this week’s Star magazine – out now and leave your comments below….

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