The Jump 2014: Amy Childs has a VERY bumpy ride on the Skeleton which cost her vital seconds

by Nick Barnes
the jump

amy childs the jump

Now, it’s the time that we have all been waiting for… it’s time for Amy Childs to take on the Skeleton.

Amy is of course best known for appearing on ITV2 reality TV show, The Only Way is Essex. She may well be known for her lingo such as ‘totes amaze’, ‘Shuuut uuuppp’ and ‘Honehhh’ but we reckon she’ll be shouting far worse as she’s shoved down the Skeleton course this evening. The only other thing we see lacking is any sort of sparkle on her lycra suit.

We’ve got to admit, Amy Childs is hardly the brightest button in the box so we can’t imagine that she knew exactly what she was signing up for when she sent off her contract agreeing to do the show. But, if she didn’t know then, she definitely knows now and there’s no way out.

As we already know, the girls will be taking on the Skeleton this evening which sees the competitors lay face down on a small sled (or a dinner tray, as Kimberly Wyatt likes to call it) and they make ther way down an ice track at spine-tingling speeds. Accidents have occurred in the past and Amy should know, she’s already broken a finger nail thanks for the competition…

the jump

In her VT, Amy said: “I’m very competitive, I am a professional table tennis player. I don’t know a lot about Winter sports… I’ve never really watched it on TV”. As predicted, there were a few expletives in her training and he added: “If you come off it, you’re in serious trouble!”

In training, Amy’s shoulders were too high and her arms were too far away from her body, which is very dangerous, apparently… “I don’t listen to a lot, but I’m listening to this, which shows I’m enjoying it,” she seriously said.

Prior to seeing how she did in the time trial, Amy told hostess with the mostess Davina McCall: “I think I did really well, I was really happy with my run but some practice runs were a lot better”.

Before starting her run, she did seem very nervous but the only way is down this time… at HIGH speed! It was a smooth start for Amy, maybe not the fastest but she could pick up speed. At the half way point, she was ever so slightly down on Kimberly, so she could pick it up. She was very high on one of the turns which will have cost her some time.

After seeing her performance, Amy added: “My practice run was so much better!”

In total, Amy managed to complete the course in 45.705 seconds putting her in fifth place, which means she WILL be completing the jump with Sinitta.

Nick Barnes

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