The Jump 2014: Anthea Turner LOVES the Skeleton and is nifty on the course

by Nick Barnes
the jump

anthea turner

The next celebrity to take to the Skeleton course this evening is Anthea Turner and for anyone that knows her will understand that she’s no stranger to getting her mug on TV.

In her time, Anthea has presented the National Lottery Show, Wish You Were Here and has also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing on Ice. Here’s another notch for her igloo!

This evening, the girls will take on The Jump for the first time and after seeing the guys perform last night, nobody wants to be in the bottom two. However, the competition has been raised this evening as the Skeleton is a high-speed, high-skill event and if you put one shoulder wrong, you could be out of the game.

the jump

Prior to taking on the Skeleton, Anthea said in her VT this evening: “I do love a challenge, but this has got to be the craziest thing I have ever done. Honestly, I can’t wait to do this. You have to do this at speed”. In training, Anthea seemed to be really going for the course and wanted to know how to get faster across the course, so it looks like if she keeps to the tips from the pros, she could have a very good run.

She added to Davina McCall: “I actually quite liked it. I don’t know why, as it’s not really me. The idea of going faster and quicker is just not wanting to go bashing against all those walls”.

Anthea started off well on the course and there was a good bit of concentration on her face in the middle of the course. She was ahead of Sinitta at the half way point but only ever so slightly

Following on from her performance, Anthea added: “The thing is, we’re not quite sure. We’ve been trying to work it out on where he haven’t hit a wall.”

In total, Anthea managed to complete the course in 45.413 seconds, which put her in first place but only by about half a second.

Nick Barnes

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