The Jump 2014: Henry Conway PULLS OUT due to injury, replaced by Joe McElderry!

by Nick Barnes


This evening, Henry Conway became the first casualty of the night due to a severe injury in training. Subsequently, it meant that someone had to come in and replace him…

Joe McElderry and Donal Macintyre have secretly been training (well, it wasn’t that much of a secret) alongside the rest of the celebrities and as a result of the jump-off this evening, Joe McElderry has joined the rest of the celebrities.

During training for the Skeleton over the last couple of days, Henry took his hand off the board and smashed it into the ice due to the sheer high speed that he was travelling at. As a result, and after a trip to the hospital, it was revealed that he had shattered a bone in his hand, which is now being held together with three pins! Ouch!

As we must have one more celebrity leave the competition tonight, it was up to Joe or Donal to save the day.

Henry told Davina: “I’ve had the most amazing time, meeting all of these guys. You come into something like this and you think it’ll be the equivalent of the Hunger Games, growling at each other”.

In his VT, Joe McElderry said: “The thought of jumping of a ski jump is terrifying. When I’m presented with a bit of competition, I really throw myself into it.”

Donal Mcintyre added: “Investigative journalism has its scary moments and nothing compares to this. What’s not to like about being thrown off a mountain at speed? It’s like action man central”.

the jump

As there is only one spot, both Donal and Joe had to face the Jump and whoever jumped the furthest got to join the rest of the celebrities.

Joe was up first and he took on the middle jump, he looked pretty confident and landed the jump well! I’m surprised that he really took the jump in his stride.

Donal was the second up, who is almost twice the age of Joe. He was a little more wobbly as he came off the jump and didn’t land with as much grace as Joe, but it was a very close jump in term of measurements.

Joe managed to jump a distance of 15m, whilst Donal managed to jump 11.5m which means that Joe McElderry will be joining the competition tonight!

Joe will not compete this evening. Instead, he will take part in the next event.

Nick Barnes

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