The Jump 2014: Kimberly Wyatt takes control and “slings” herself around the course & finishes in an AMAZING time!

by Nick Barnes
the jump

The Jump kimberly wyatt

Former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt is up next to take on the terrifying Skeleton and if you think she’s anything like the name of the band, then thing again as she’s more fearless than feeble.

Kimberly Wyatt is obviously best known as one sixth of Pussycat Dolls which spawned stars such as Ashley Roberts and the Schamazing Nicole Scherzinger. In recent years, Kimberly has gone on to become a household name in her own right after appearing as a judge on Sky 1’s Got to Dance.

Kimberly admits that she loves sports, but she isn’t the best at skiing. She’s certainly one to watch.

As we have already stated this evening, the girls are taking on the Skeleton tonight after the guys faced the giant slalom last night. The Skeleton is a very dangerous and terrifying winter sport. The force and the sheer speed of the sledge is enough to turn anyone’s stomach but will feisty Kimberly pull on through tonight?

the jump

In her VT, she said: “There’s nothing that can truly prepare me for this apart from knowing I’m a dancer. I’ve never been on a mountain to learn these things so I’m a little out of my element”. Prior to starting training, Kimberly said that she was ready to just “sling” herself on the sled, and she hopes that her dancing background will work in her favour. “I think it’s a mental event but I’m ready to throw myself in,” she added.

However, in a previous training video that has been released online, Kimberly said that the Skeleton is “a sled ride on steroids”. “The Skeleton is quite exciting to me, I think it’s going to be such an adrenaline rush. I would like to think that sledding as a kid will be like throwing yourself on a dinner tray head first down an icy ramp,” she added.

Prior to seeing her performance in the event, Kimberly told host Davina McCall: “It means a great deal, Amy is a superstar in her own right so to see a little potential in me is great. I’m really nervous”.

Kimberly definitely looked very confident when she got on the sled in the time trial and there was a little bump on the way down which will have cost her a little time. At the half way point, she was a little down on the time behind Melinda, who is the current leader but she is faster than Melinda which shows the corners can cost you.

Following on from seeing how she did in the event, Kimberly added: “One element I knew I had control over was at the top so instead of putting my toes down, I put my bum up and had control”.

In total, Kimberly managed to complete the course in 44.180 seconds which puts her in first place!

Nick Barnes

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