The Jump 2014: Laura Hamilton’s dubious start cost her some vital time & puts her down the leaderboard!

by Nick Barnes
the jump

Laura Hamilton

Up next to take on the terrifying Skeleton is presenter Laura Hamilton.

Laura is best known as a presenter on shows such as ‘A place in the Sun’. Not only that, she’s also presented for Daybreak and last year she joined Hello Magazine as a Celebrity Blogger. But, I bet this ain’t gonna be a walk on the beach for her…

This evening, the girls are taking on the first event of the series and for them it’s the skeleton. Last night, the guys had the giant slalom which saw Nicky Clarke become the first casualty of the series as he exited the competition in last place.

The Skeleton is a very dangerous event as literally anything could happen. The board is going that fast that it could all be over with in a split second, so it’s very, very important that the celebrities keep their bodies straight and control the board.

the jump

In her VT, Laura said: “This is the toughest thing I have ever done, especially because I had a baby nine weeks ago. I don’t know how that is going to effect my chances with a lack of sleep. I don’t want to get hurt. I’m a bit of a control freak, I want to slow myself down if I want to and clearly, you can’t do that with this”. Unfortunately, in training, Laura didn’t do the best runs as she kept hitting the walls. Could this have an impact tonight?

Prior to seeing her run on the course, Laura told Davina McCall: “I hated it, I felt like a human pinball”.

Laura was extremely nervous when she got on the course, but she took it in her slide and away she went. She was a tad slower than the rest, and she had to correct herself very early on. At the half way point she was quite down on Kimberly, but she could catch up!

Following on from her performance, Laura once again spoke to Davina in which she said: “When it came to event day, my run was better than any of my rehearsals. That was the important run”.

In total, Laura managed to complete the course in 45.369 seconds, which put her in third place.

Nick Barnes

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