The Jump 2014 RESULTS: Who left? Amy Childs or Sinitta? SHOCK!

by Nick Barnes
sinitta the jump

amy childs the jump

This evening saw the second live episode of the first series of The Jump and the girls took on the Skeleton.

The Skeleton is a very high speed and dangerous winter sport which sees the girls lay on a sled, approaching 60 miles per hour on an ice course. However, Sinitta and Amy Childs weren’t quite fast enough this evening as they finished in last place and fifth place, respectively. Subsequently, they will be taking on the dreaded Jump this evening.

Kimberly Wyatt managed to finish the course at the top of the leaderboard with a brilliant time of 44.180 seconds, but Amy and Sinitta’s times didn’t match up to it. What’s interesting is that there was literally about a second between first place and sixth place.

I think Sinitta and Amy were the two celebrities who were dreading The Jump the most and they had to take it on this evening. Earlier this evening, Amy told Davina McCall that she just couldn’t master The Jump as she couldn’t bring herself to push away from the barrier at the top of the ski slope. There was a few tears along the way as well.

First up to take on The Jump this evening was the younger of the pair, Amy Childs. She chose the smallest of the three jumps and dubiously made her way over to the slope. It was clear that she was petrified and very concerned about the take off.

sinitta the jump

Unfortunately, after a couple of minutes of deliberation, Amy Childs REFUSED to take on The Jump and had to be taken off the slope. Therefore, all Sinitta had to do was take on the jump and she was through as Amy Childs refused to take on the Jump.

Sinitta also took on the smaller jump of the three and she looked just about as nervous as Amy. She went down the course and landed the jump perfectly, which means she will be staying in the competition.

In total, Sinitta managed to jump 10m, which was only 1m off the best score of yesterday by Ritchie Neville.

The Jump will return tomorrow evening at 8pm in which the guys will take on the Skeleton.

Nick Barnes

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