The Jump 2014: A very composed Melinda Messenger smashes the Skeleton & she avoids The Jump!

by Nick Barnes
the jump

The Jump

Next up to take on the Skeleton this evening is Melinda Messenger.

Melinda has enjoyed a successful career since she shot to fame in 1997. Since then, she left the world of modeling behind and has been everything from a presenter to a TV personality. She even appeared in Celebrity Big Brother back in 2012. However, in 1997, an advertisement for a double glazing company, which she starred in, was banned for being too sexy. Now, she’s dressed in red and blue lycra, most likely with a little wee in, as she gets ready to take on the Skeleton.

As has already been explained, the Skeleton is a terrifying event at the winter Olympics and has caused many injuries over the years due to the sheer speed the competitior gets to, not mentioning the sharp corners. Will it all get too much for Melinda?

In her VT, she said: “I’ve never skied before, I’ve never been on a mountain and the closest I’ve ever come to this is building snowmen with the kids. It makes me feel sick thinking about it”. The Skeleton is of course an even playing field as nobody else has ever done anything like it before, which made Melinda and little more confident. What’s more, she seemed to LOVE doing the Skeleton in training.

the jump

Prior to seeing her run on the course, she told Davina: “I don’t know what it is. It’s terrifying, the worst thing is you have your hands behind your back to you can;t protect yourself but in a sick, twisted way, I enjoyed it!”

“I just hope it’s going to be fun as if you get to the end and it was absolutely terrifying and you’ve got to do it again, that’s going to be hard work,” Melinda admitted in a previous training video.

She certainly loved the Skeleton in training, but anything can happen. She started off well on the course and she looked very determined. At the halfway point, she was the leader and is the fastest on the track so far. She made many adjustment throughout and she did an AMAZING run.

Following on from seeing her run, she added: “I’ve got no idea. I didn’t think I hit any walls, so I’ve no idea”.

In total, Melinda managed a time of 44.604 which puts her at the top of the leaderboard, but there’s barely a second between first and third place. This means Melinda CAN’T be in the jump tonight!

Nick Barnes

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