The Jump 2014: Nicky Clarke is more style over speed as he takes the course in his stride

by Nick Barnes
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Next up is personal stylist to the stars Nicky Clarke! I would imagine that Giant Slalom is a little out of his comfort zone. Nicky is of course best known for having the best hair in Britain. He has also been an avid skier for 25 years, so that may come in handy this evening. He may he a whizz with the scissors, but will he make the cut?

In his VT, Nicky said that he has won hairdresser of the year multiple times and has been awarded an OBE by the queen, but skiing? That may be a different story as he isn’t a natural racer by any score. He is apparently a classic 1980s skier but in the modern times, that may not work. He is a competent skier but he has no attack, he doesn’t do speed but does things with style and grace.

In a race situation, if the competitive Nicky doesn’t turn up then he may be in trouble. He needs to put his all into it.

“I think I’ll be joining Ritchie. On the day, I don’t think I did the best, I just wanted to get around the course without making any mistakes. I hope my time isn’t too bad,” he told Davina before we saw his run. He added that it is really nervewracking.
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During his race around the course, he seemed to be taking the corners pretty sharply which would have given him some time. When it came to the split time, he was seven seconds behind Sir Steve Redgrave so we know he will never top the leaderboard. He seemed quite a slow time, so he may well be jumping this evening.

“It was just the tension,” he said “I could probably do better but let’s hope I didn’t get a bad time”.

In total, Nicky Clarke managed to finish the course in 53.21 seconds, which means he will face the jump with Ritchie this evening.

Nick Barnes

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