The Jump 2014 RESULTS: Who left? Sir Steve Redgrave or Darren Gough?

by Nick Barnes


This evening, Darren Gough became the second casualty of the evening and the fourth celebrity to leave the competition after just three days.

Earlier this evening, Sir Steve Redgrave and Darren Gough received two slowest times of the evening in the male Skeleton and therefore had to take on the dreaded Jump.

BUT, earlier in tonight’s show, Joe McElderry joined the team after fashion writer, Henry Conway was forced to pull out of the competition due to a serious hand injury.

It was revealed that during training, Henry accidentally took his hand off the board and due to the sheer speed he was travelling at, his hand smashed down on the ice, which resulted in a bit of a break.

After a trip to the hospital, Henry found out that he had smashed one of the bones in his hand in seven places and now it is being held together by three pins! Ouch!

However, the show had to go on and after a bit of a disastrous run, Darren Gough ended up in the bottom two with a really bad time of 47.418 seconds. Joining him was Sir Steve Redgrave who had a time of 45.786. Sir Steve Redgrave is quite big, so the Skeleton wasn’t his sport.

First up to take on The Jump this evening was Darren Gough and he chose to take on the smaller jump after a few crash landings in training from the middle slope. He landed the jump quite well. Steady launch and a nice neat landing – a lot different to the usual crash landings we see.

the jump

Speaking to Davina, he said: “I landed! I landed! It was brilliant, it really was. I was pleased to just get down, it was a massive bonus”.

In total, he managed to jump a distance of 12.0m, which is the furthest distance we have seen from the smaller K-15 jump. The second best was 11.0m from Ritchie on the first night.

The second member of the pair to take on the jump was Sir Steve Redgrave who took on the middle jump, which gave him more of an edge. He seemed determined to really push off the end of the jump and it was quite a good jump.

“It wasn’t very balance and I’ve no idea where I landed,” Steve told Davina.

He managed to jump a distance of 14.5m, which means he beat Darren by 2.5 metres and he will therefore carry on in the competition. Darren will leave the competition tonight.

Tomorrow evening, the girls will take on the Giant Slalom, which the guys tackled in the first night.

Nick Barnes

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  1. John on January 28, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    So who did leave? Because the top of the article says it was Sir Steve and the bottom of the article it says it was Darren?

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