The Jump results: Who left? Nicky Clarke or Ritchie Neville?

by Nick Barnes
the jump

The Jump

This evening, The Jump premiered on Channel 4 and it was all about the guys as they took on the Giant Slalom. Tomorrow evening will be all about the ladies but keeping it current for now, hairdresser Nicky Clarke and 5ive band member Ritchie Neville found themselves in the bottom two and they therefore had to face the dreaded Jump!

Earlier this evening, it was revealed that five time olympic champion Sir Steve Redgrave finished in the top spot with a record time on the show, but will his prowess be enough to see him through the whole competition? He flexibility seemed to prove a little bit of a problem, so moving forward that would cause a few hiccups.

One person that was glad he wasn’t facing the jump this evening was Darren Gough as in his final practice just one hour before the show went live, he took quite a bad tumble coming off the jump as he landed. It just shows that ANYTHING could happen!

First up to take on the jump this evening was the youngest of the pair, Ritchie and he took on the smallest of the three jumps, which come with its own complications as you can’t see where you’re going to land until you come off the jump. He didn’t look very confident but he jumped it well and he landed it. The jump was very upright which meant he didn’t get much speed. He managed to get just past the 10 metre mark.

“I may have said a few explicitives,” he told Davina. In total, Ritchie managed to jump 11.0 metres which is by far the best jump Ritchie has done so far, he revealed. “Nicky is a great competitor, so I’ve got my work cut out,” he added.

the jump

The final jumper of the evening was Nicky Clark who is of course the older of the pair. He also took on the smaller of the three jumps and he looked petrified at the top of the course.

Nicky bent his knees on the way down and didn’t stand so much upright like Ritchie did, but he didn’t get so much of a take off. Either way, he managed to land it. He didn’t fly through the air all that long, unfortunately.

In total, Nicky managed to jump 9.5 metres which just wasn’t enough to beat Ritchie and Nicky therefore becomes the first contestant to leave the competition,.

“It has been a great experience, but it’s just one of those things. It has actually been great fun,” he told Davina.

The Jump continues tomorrow evening at 8pm on Channel 4 in which the girls will take on the Skeleton, which isn’t for the faint hearted.

Nick Barnes

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