The Jump 2014: PETRIFIED Sinitta’s run is a bit of a “car crash” as she almost comes off the board

by Nick Barnes
the jump

sinitta the jump

Sinitta is the next celebrity to take to this evening’s event as the girls try to master the Skeleton.

Sinitta is of course best known for Simon Cowell’s lady friend. Even though he’s now expecting a child with Lauren Silverman, it appears she’s still like a fly around sh*t when it comes to Mr. Cowell. But, above all that, Sinitta is also known as a singer and in the 1980s she had various different roles in the West End. Following on from that, she gained chart success with ‘So Macho’ and now she’s riding a Skeleton at about 60 miles per hour with a load of other C-listers! How times change, hey?

The Skeleton is a terrifying winter sport that sees the competitor lay face down on a small sled. The force on the celebrities and the sheer speed that the sleds can go is enough to send shivers up your spine just thinking about it. As we saw at the end of last night’s premiere episode, Sinitta is on the verge of some sort of break down at the thought of taking on the event, but will she pull out?

In her VT, Sinitta said: “I’ll be good at this because I like snow and Christmas” erm…

“I’ve never won anything before so I’d like to surprise people into saying ‘Waw! Go on Sinitta!’ she added. Hilariously, in training Sinitta thought that she was going over 60mph, in fact, she was going 15! In true Sinitta style, there was a lot of tears and a whole load of “my body was telling me not to do is, but my head was telling me I have to”.

the jump

Prior to seeing her run, Sinitta added to presenter, Davina McCall: “It’s so fast, you have no control and you’re just being thrown around. It’s like being in a car crash”.

It was quite clear at the top of the course that Sinitta was petrified about taking on to the course but it doesn’t seem like she took any of the corners in her stride, she just lay on the board and let the ice take her where it wanted.

In total, it took Sinitta 45.951 seconds to complete the course and of course, she’s in first place… for now!

Will it be enough?

Nick Barnes

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