Just like Kim Kardashian! Kendall Jenner poses topless as Harry Styles rumours continue!

by Lisa McGarry
Kendall in W Magazine

Kendall in W Magazine

Kendall Jenner is following squarely in her sister’s footsteps and in more ways than one.

This week it seems everyone has been commenting on her ever increasing likeness to big sis Kim Kardashian and while sure, there’s a bit of a family resemblance there (it’s hardly surprising!), we think the similarities between the ladies are more obvious in their career choices these days.

They haven’t become household names for their acting talent (which you’ll know if you’re a Keeping Up With The Kardashians fan), their musical prowess or their intelligent commentary, no for these girls it’s all about how much of their body is on show and who they’re dating.

Kendall is attempting to make her way in the difficult world of modelling and this week she’s been posing for a sultry shot which will appear in swanky W magazine.

kendall jenner

The 18 year old beauty is reclining in the black and white photo, wearing just a black leather jacket. The jacket is left open, showing that the teenager is topless underneath, though thankfully there are no nipple or side boob malfunctions.

The youngest daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner is incredibly photogenic it’s true, we just wish she wasn’t portrayed as such a shallow little girl.

harry styles kendall jenner

It’s been widely reported that young Jenner is dating One Direction star Harry Styles, however despite talk of skiing trips, long romantic breaks in Malibu mansions and dinner dates in LA, the pair were rarely spotted with one another during the whole month they apparently spent together recently.

As a result, many fans are crying ‘showmance.’

Whether they’re dating or not, the fact remains that, like her sister, Kendall these days is more famous for who she’s (possibly) dating, what she wears (or doesn’t wear) and how many selfies she’s posted on Twitter, than for any real, discernible talent.

Kim has taught her well.

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