Justin Bieber demanding cash during night out with Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke?

by Lisa McGarry

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Justin Bieber has reportedly been throwing his weight around while in London recently.

The ‘Boyfriend’ hitmaker has been in the UK since The Brit Awards last week and has been making the most of it’s capital’s night life if reports are to be believed. However, despite being a multi millionaire and one of the best selling music artists on the planet, insiders have claimed that the young star demanded £15,000 before he would join clubbers at West End nightclub Project this week.

The teen idol thinks he is too famous to party for free and as he completes his ‘Believe’ tour in Britain, insiders say he’s been demanding a fee before he will grace any bar with his presence.

“Justin left his central London hotel at 1am and headed to Project,” an insider told the Daily Star.

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“He outrageously had his people phone ahead to ask the club for a £15,000 appearance fee.”

The insider said club bosses refused to pay Bieber for an appearance but promised to make him more than welcome in their venue. In the end that was enough for him and they continued:

“The club declined to pay, but said the teen superstar was more than welcome anyway.”

“Justin took it on the chin, and headed along. But a few people were saying it was a bit embarrassing to show up with his tail between his legs.”


It was probably a good thing that the club owners didn’t splash any cash, as Justin only stayed for a short while, before meeting his new rumoured girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, 17, and moving on to nightclub DSTRKT, where the pair arrived separately once again.

They weren’t that great at covering their tracks though, as the pretty singer was spotted returning to Justin’s hotel at the end of the night.

It seems JB enjoyed the evening anyway as he tweeted fans saying:

“fun night. love london. gonna get some recording in. got some stuff i wanna get out. show day tomorrow. thanks 4 supporting #RIGHTHERE”

JB has now made his way to Birmingham, for the next leg of his UK tour.

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