Justin Bieber takes a leak in a restaurant mop bucket because he’s a ‘wild kid, yo!’, declares “f**k you Bill Clinton”

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It seems like innocent little Justin Bieber can’t keep himself out of the headlines these days, and as much as he insists the press have him all wrong, he can’t help but give the press their headlines on a silver platter!

Turning up to your shows 2 hours late is one thing, but it gets to new extremes when you’re caught taking a leak in a mop bucket in a restaurant kitchen! Yes indeed, the little twit found he was too good to use the loo like everybody else.

Apparently, Bieber’s entourage of teenage friends are deluded enough to think you’re a “wild kid” if you ignorantly, and disrespectfully take a whiz in a mop bucket that has to be used to clean the floors of a restaurant.

In the mobile phone video posted by TMZ earlier today, Bieber is seen stood with his back to the camera taking a “piss” in a yellow mop bucket.

His friends are stood behind him giggling like a group of school girls, in which they state the restaurant management will always remember Bieber relieving himself there – they’d never remember it if he did it in the toilet like everyone else.


Bieber’s friends state: “Quick little piss break you know. Quickest restroom his could get to.

“We swagger man, you know… this is just a little walk to piss. That’s the coolest spot to piss, you know, you’ll forever remember that. You’re not gonna remember him pissin’ in the restroom… like, everybody does that”.

After Bieber has finished voiding his bladder, which is seemingly THAT small he couldn’t make it to the closest toilet, his friends ran out of the room shouting “What are we? We the f**ing wild kids, yo!”

Justin is then seen spraying a picture of Bill Clinton with cleaning spray before shouting “F**k Bill Clinton”.

justin bieber

Whether Bieber and his entourage were drunk at the time is one to be found out, but it definitely sounded like they were.

Meanwhile, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has revealed that Bieber wants to “show growth” and “speak for himself” with his upcoming new album… he has a lot of talking to do…

Now Bieber, dig yourself out of that one…


Nick Barnes

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