Katie Price & Alex Reid questioned by police over disabled parking space

Katie Price and Alex Reid have been questioned by police about a row over a disabled parking space.

The mum-of-three and her new husband are believed to have engaged in an argument with a man while parked in a disabled bay at a shopping centre near their Sussex home.

Katie and Alex were on a shopping trip with her disabled son Harvey, when a man challenged her about her use of the parking space. Enraged by his accusations Katie reportedly screamed at the man and even slapped a phone out of his hands when he tried to call the police.

A source told The News Of The World: “The man and his wife went over to Jordan and he started having a go at her about parking in the disabled space.

“He recognised her immediately and started saying to her, ‘Who do you think you are?’ She was in no mood to take any nonsense from this guy because for once she was in the right.

“At first she told him, ‘Mind your f****** business’ but then she saw red when he wouldn’t let the issue go. She told him she was entitled to park there because of Harvey, who she is very protective of.”

Another onlooker confirmed: “It was incredible. She just went mad and completely lost it.

“The guy obviously took on more than he bargained for when he had a go at Jordan. She wouldn’t let it go and stormed after him into the store. Everyone was just looking on in amazement.”

The source went on: “The man was inside the store when Jordan suddenly appeared. She stormed after him and let rip once again.

“She was screaming and shouting at him in front of shoppers, but she didn’t care who was watching or listening. She was furious. The old guy got his mobile out and told her he was calling the police but as he put his mobile to his ear, she just flew at him.

“She slapped him, his phone went flying and she followed through. Everyone was just shocked and the man himself looked shaken.”

Jordan told the News of the World: “If anyone does anything that upsets my children I don’t care who it is, I am always going to protect them.”

A friend added: “We can’t understand why Jordan has done this. She was in the right about the space and now she has ended up in the wrong and facing possible criminal charges. It is madness.”

A force spokesman said: “Sussex Police attended the Goldstone Retail Park in Hove at around 1.30pm on Good Friday afternoon following reports of an argument between two men. It would appear that a dispute had arisen over the occupation of a disabled parking bay and also involved the partner of one of the men and the wife of the other.”

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