Katie Price is planning to launch pay-per-view channel “PriceyTube” for fans to see what her life’s really like!

katie price

It’s been revealed today that reality TV star and model Katie Price is planning to launch her own channel on YouTube so that fans can see “unedited” footage of her on a daily basis!

However, she intends to charge subscribers for watching her going about her day to day routine.

The Sun’s TV Biz reports, “Now she has revealed that the so-called ‘PriceyTube’ will be like a You’ve Been Framed service, offering up bite-size chunks of her life for £1 a pop.”

She said, “YouTube is the way forward. I’m starting my own channel. I’m going to charge people a pound a clip.

“I could be in my kitchen cooking or mucking out my horses. I could be riding them. I could be on holiday saying, ‘look at me do this dive’.

“It might show me trying to start a barbecue or making a speech somewhere. It could be absolutely anything.

“You put it on and you charge a pound and people watch that.

“Instead of spending hours and weeks doing one show, you can just control it yourself.”

Meanwhile, Katie has revealed that she’s piling on the pounds during her fourth pregnancy.

katie price 2

She said, “I haven’t got long to go now. I’ve got a date and I know the sex but no one knows yet — and this time I’m huge.

“I’m the biggest I’ve been for all of my pregnancies.

“I’m 11st already, whereas I was not even ten-and-a-half full-term with the others.

“I’ll just be relieved when it’s born so I can walk properly and I haven’t got all this weight to carry.”

Here’s a reminder of a recent interview with Katie, but let us know if you’d pay to watch Katie going about her everyday routine…

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