Katie Price opens up on the challenges of bringing up son Harvey, saying, “It’s so hard sometimes”

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Reality TV star and model Katie Price is of course expecting her fourth child later this year, but being pregnant again hasn’t slowed her down in terms of work, as not only has she recently published a book, she’s also launched a new perfume…

And in addition, Katie has to cope with the usual demands of motherhood, which for her include the more unusual demands that raising her disabled son Harvey present.

Harvey – whose father is footballer Dwight Yorke – has a range of illnesses, one of which is Prader-Willi syndrome, which manifests itself in that he constantly eats as his brain doesn’t recognise when he’s full.

Of that, Katie told the Mirror, “It is really tough at times…

“We’ve had to padlock the kitchen door now because Harvey doesn’t know when he’s full and he is desperate to get at the food.

“The syndrome he has means he feels hungry all the time so he’ll just eat and eat and eat.

“He goes downstairs in the early ¬morning and I hear him kicking off and throwing things in the hallway because he can’t get to the food.

“So I have to say, ‘Harvey, come back up. You’ll get breakfast in a minute’… even though it’s probably only 5am.”

katie price, harvey

In addition to being blind, Harvey also has attention deficit ¬hyperactivity disorder, autism and septo-optic dysplasia, as well as a growth hormone deficiency. However, Katie revealed that within the family, he’s treated just like her other two children, Princess and Junior.

She said, “I’ll tick Harvey off just the same as I would Junior and Princess. I do get tired though…

“I had a book signing the other week and I had to get up really early, but then Harvey got up in the ¬middle of the night and started laughing uncontrollably. I don’t know why.

“I told him, ‘Come to bed with mummy.’ I love my cuddles with him, he’s my little Harvey-bear.

“So finally he settled and we went back to sleep for a few hours.”

She added, “It’s so hard sometimes dealing with Harvey because I know he really wants the food but I have to be cruel to be kind and not let him have it.

“I just don’t want him to be obese. He’s so young and having all that weight is not healthy for him and his heart.

“I don’t let it make me cry though. Harvey is Harvey.”

katie price

Just last week, Katie revealed on Twitter just how difficult life with Harvey can be as she wrote, “Boooo hoooooo Harvey just thrown all my perfumes out the window I’m gutted had such a collection… but I can’t get angry with him.”

And finally, of her current pregnancy, Katie said, “I’ve got this really strange feeling that something dramatic is going to happen with the birth because it’s felt like the weirdest ever pregnancy.”

Well let’s hope things go well. Here’s a reminder of Katie in a recent interview…

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