Kerry Katona dumps Adam Waldron

Kerry Katona has dumped her painter and decorator boyfriend Adam Waldron.

The 29 year old star had been dating the Warrington man ever since she split from her husband Mark Croft, however she is now said to have decided that she needs to be single for the sake of her four children.

Sources close to Kerry had suggested that Adam was devastated by the split, but he insists that he is just glad to be leaving the public spotlight and the attention that surrounds Katona.

“Kerry’s great, but the life she leads isn’t for me,” Adam, 33, told The Sunday Mirror.

“I’m just a normal bloke. I’m not into the fame and being pictured and all that. Kerry tried to make it work, she wanted us to make a go of it, but we’re too ­different. It’s a shame, she’s a great girl.”

A friend of Adam said: “They went away for a bit of time together but Kerry insisted they pose for photographers. It drove Adam mad that they had to take time out of their holiday. He couldn’t get used to it.

“It’s how Kerry makes her money, but in the end, he wasn’t willing to be a part of that. He’s such a low-key guy and won’t change. Kerry tried to talk him round, but he wouldn’t budge, so she ended it.”

Kerry accepted the inevitability of the split last week.

She told one pal: “He’s the nicest boyfriend I’ve ever had. But I’m having to accept that I don’t have time for a boyfriend. I’ve got too much going on and it’s not fair.”

She later told pals on Facebook: ­“Relationships are like yard sales. They look really fun from 100 yards away but then when you’re in one, its just more crap you don’t need in your life…

She later sang Adam’s praises in an interview with The News Of The World saying:

“He was a lovely guy. He used to treat me to a lot and buy me lovely things. He bought me a whole lot of clothes before I went on holiday.

“The fact is, I’m only on a limited amount of money anyway because of the bankruptcy so he had to pay his own way. He would have made a really nice guy for me – it just wasn’t the right time.”

But don’t expect a reunion any time soon.

“I really like him and he’s really helped me. But I’ve made my decision and I’m not going to go back on that,” she told her friend. “I went back to Mark too many times, it’s not healthy. I hope to stay in touch with Adam but we’ll only ever be friends.

“There’s already too much water under the bridge. This is the new me. I’m a different woman.”


Lisa McGarry

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