Kerry Katona says she had to be high on drugs to have sex with ex Mark Croft!

by Anna Howell

Former reality star, Kerry Katona, has revealed in her new tell-all autobiography that one of the reasons she became addicted to cocaine was because she needed to take it to be able to face sleeping with her ex-husband, Mark Croft.

Katona, who was disgraced following the revelation shat she and Croft were secret addicts a few years ago, also insists that she never even fancied her ex, who is father to two of her children.

Kerry and Mark got married in 2006 after the Atomic Kitten’s first marriage to Westlife’s Brian McFadden collapsed and he moved to Australia with his new partner, singing sensation, Delta Goodrem.

Now, in a frank and honest interview with New magazine, mother-of four Kerry explains about her car crash of a second marriage to controlling taxi driver, Croft:

“Basically, that’s why I was taking the drugs. Just to have sex with him really.”

She also joked: “He was clearly punching above his weight with me.”

Describing her sexual feelings towards him, she continued:

“It makes me feel physically sick. But to give him his credit, he does make beautiful babies.”

In this new auto-biography, Katona is said to divulge into both her failed marriages, and her serious addiction that almost lead her to suicide.

Kerry, who lost her endorsement deal with supermarket giants Iceland following her demise, admits that she had thought that she “should have been dead” by the time she was 30, as well as revealing that she begged her first husband, Brian, to take her back the night before Croft proposed, saying: “He was with Delta (Goodrem) at the time. I thought, ‘F*** it! Why not? I’ve got his kids.’”

Brian is now married to Irish model Vogue Williams and Kerry is no longer in touch with him.

She said: “I don’t even have a number for him. I’d give anything to ring Brian and his wife up and say, ‘The kids have a school play, do you want to come.’”

The pair had a public row in September on Twitter shortly after Brian said in an interview he had “no idea what he was doing” when he wed Kerry in 2002

Watch the uncomfortable This Morning interview which highlighted Kerry’s problems in the clip below: