Kim Kardashian just stole from her sister Kylie Jenner! VIDEO

by Lisa McGarry

Kim Kardashian trolled her younger sister Kylie Jenner in the most amazing way yesterday and we have the video evidence to prove it!

Kylie opened a pop up shop for her cosmetic range in New York this week and it has been a resounding success. On the morning it first opened, thousands of fans were queuing up and down the street, desperate to get a look at her new lip and eye ranges.

Yesterday it wasn’t quite so frantic, but Kim made sure the store stayed busy when she turned up for a visit.

Kardashian documented her whole trip on Snapchat and told those following her that she was about to do something very bad indeed!

The mum of two headed straight into the stock room when she arrived in the shop and lifted a whole handful of lip kits. As a Valentines Day surprise, the brunette beauty returned to the shop floor and began handing them out as free gifts.

She teased: “Do you think Kylie would kill us if we told everyone they could have free Lip Kits?”

Later that evening she posted on social media saying: “So I went to Kylie’s pop up shop today, stole lip kits &gave them out to everyone in the store for Valentine’s! She hasn’t mentioned it yet.”


This morning we also reported that trolling seems to be something of a thing in the Jenner / Kardashian clan. Kendall Jenner revealed on The Tonight Show that sometimes she struggles during her runway shows, because her mother and sisters try to sabotage her!

It sounds like you need a thick skin to be part of that family. Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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