Kimberley Walsh reveals pregnancy cravings & Nadine Coyle’s baby name drama!

by Lisa McGarry

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Kimberley Walsh has admitted that she is having only one major pregnancy craving, and it’s a spicy one!

The Girls Aloud star announced her pregnancy to the world last week and was inundated with well wishes from her friends, fellow celebrities and fans. BFF Cheryl Cole seemed particularly chuffed and shared a picture of her cuddling her former bandmate on Instagram.

Walsh is thought to be moving into her second trimester and is elated to be expecting her first child with long-term boyfriend Justin Scott, but while some women crave coal and cotton wool, the singer’s wants have been a little more sedate, she’s revealed.

Kim tweeted yesterday saying:

“So my only craving so far is spice…..literally cannot get enough of chilli these days ha #passthechillioilplease anyone else have this?!”

kimberley walsh

Last autumn Walsh revealed that she and Justin were considering starting a family, though they aren’t planning to get married just yet.

Nadine Coyle congratulated her pal on Twitter a few days ago and posted:

“Congratulations Miss Kimberley. I hope you love every second as much as I did. Xx”

The Girls Aloud star gave birth to a baby girl at the beginning of this month but she has not, as yet, revealed the child’s name.


The Irish singer has been inundated with messages from fans, desperate to know what her little one will be called. One read:

“NADINE HAVE you decided on a name yet for your baby daughter And hope Jason doing night feeds hahaha and letting you get some rest XX”

Another posted:

“Wonder if we’re ever going to find out the name of Nadine’s baby girl or her name is actually pink bundle?”

A third said:

“Cant deal with this we’ve waited longer for the name than the royal baby haha! Nadine’s such a queen! 👸”

For now Nadine seems to be keeping the name close to her chest. She always was a diva!

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