Lady Gaga BITTEN by a poisonous Slow Loris on set of new music video!

by Nick Barnes
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SAY WHAT! The Goddess of Love – a la Lady Gaga – has been bitten by an angry little Slow Loris on the set of her new music video.

Now, when we saw this piece of news, we had two questions in quick succession of each other. First, we had to Google what the bloody hell a Slow Loris is, and then we had to question why on earth Gaga had one of them on set with her.

There is a saying that goes something like… you should never work with animals or children, especially not an animal that is likely to bite you and make you seriously ill!

The Slow Loris is said to inject poison into the body when it bites you, but luckily, Gaga got away unscathed.

A source told the New York Post that the animal/thing just nipped her, and after that it was FIRED. The animal was put back in its box and sent back to wherever it came from. Gaga is said to have laughed the situation off, but it would have been a different story if it had injected some of its poison into her. PHEW!

Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

Now, we’re not exactly sure what was going on on set as it is said she had a goat there as well.

Gaga has been filming her new video at Hearst Castle in California, in which she was working with the animal for one of the scenes. Presumably, Gaga’s new single will be G.U.Y, but it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

The Slow Loris originates from Asia and is said to be an endangered species, but Gaga had the correct approval to have the animals on set.

We’re just thanking out lucky stars that Mommy Monster is perfectly okay!


Nick Barnes

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  1. Phaethon on February 17, 2014 at 6:10 am

    Never mind how the idiot is feeling, HOW IS THE LORIS?

    Has the loris received medical treatment? Inoculations? Counselling?

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