Lady Gaga ditches long time manager Troy Carter, “she doesn’t take direction anymore”

by Nick Barnes


It has today been revealed that Lady Gaga has split with her long-time and loyal manager, Troy Carter. The news is also amid rumours that she and her long-time boyfriend Taylor Kinney have also parted ways.

Carter has been by Gaga’s side since he launched her career back in 2007 and let’s just say, it wasn’t Venus or that Born This Way vessel that birthed her. The break-up is said to be down to creative differences, but is there more to the story than meets the eye?!

Showbiz411 ‘exclusively’ broke the news this evening, with a source telling the publication: “She doesn’t take direction anymore”.

Troy has also been left out of the ARTPOP album campaign, which is currently in full force as Gaga’s forthcoming album is released on November 11.

It is said that it all came to a head last night after the YouTube music awards in which Gaga took to a dimly-lit stage in floods of tears to perform her latest track ‘Dope’, which was also available to download last night. All the tears from Gaga really distorted her vocals and didn’t allow her to reach her full vocal range for the performance. To say that it was the debut live performance of the track (aside from the version performed during her iTunes Festival set), it wasn’t up to Gaga’s usual standards.

lady gaga 1

As one would be able to guess from the title, the track references drugs throughout, which maybe wasn’t too much of a clever move since the event aired live at 6pm local time.

The outlet has also reported that there was some disagreement between Gaga and Troy over the final ARTPOP track listing. A number of “great” tracks have reportedly been left out of the final listing which had the potential to be hit singles.

Lady Gaga has a number of performances and gigs lined up to promote the release of ARTPOP, but where’s the big advertising campaign? It’s scary to think that Troy managed Gaga through the Fame and Fame Monster period, which many still remember her for. The Born This Way era didn’t go as planned and was described as a ‘flop’ by some. A change is sometimes good… just look at Beyonce and the management change with her father. It didn’t send her career spiralling out of control. Gaga may be better on her own.

However, it is worth noting that Lady Gaga has not openly spoken about the situation, but we will bring you updates as and when she does.

Is it a mistake to ditch Carter? Should Gaga have kept him? What sort of direction will she go in now that she presumably manage her own career and direction? Who knows, but it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out…


Nick Barnes

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  1. Ivan on November 5, 2013 at 1:50 am

    I don’t think it’s true. The story about her breaking up with her bf is also untrue, because there are videos of them together hugging and kissing clear as day at the award show!

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