Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney kiss & rubbish split reports as Gaga reveals artRave details!

Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney have been plagued with split rumours of late, with many sources claiming that the star’s massive music career has eclipsed their relationship in recent months. However, the loved up pair seemed to set the record straight this week, by sharing a very public kiss.

The ‘Venus’ hitmaker and Vampire Diaries star have been dating for two years, since the summer of 2011 but have been spotted together less and less of late, as Gaga tours the world promoting her new album ARTPOP.

Yesterday however the pair were pictured together at the YouTube Awards in New York and looked very much in love as they held hands and smooched without worrying who was looking on.

You can see a photo of their kissing session here.

Taylor and Gaga first hooked up when he appeared in the steamy video for her hit single You and I. They spent plenty of quality time together when she took a break from travelling as she recuperated from hip surgery at the beginning of 2013, but now she’s fully healed and back on the showbiz hamster wheel at full speed.

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It was claimed that her hectic career had caused some problems for the pair, with a source telling The Sun

“GaGa’s hoping to meet up with Taylor when their schedules allow to talk things through. Taylor told her they need some time apart and it’s looking as if this might lead to a permanent split.”

Gaga recently hinted that her love life might be suffering at the hands of career during a series of tweets last month. She wrote:

‘#iwannabewithu is also about following my dreams but falling in love at the same time,’ she wrote. ‘#Wish I could have both, but i can’t on the road.’

It looks like if there was a split, the pair have worked out their differences this week!

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga announced in the summer that she would be holding an artRave event in New York to support the release of her new album.

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“We’re going to have an art rave in New York,” she shared with Z100′s Elvis Duran. “When you arrive at the art rave, it will be a huge, huge warehouse filled with rooms where you can view all this artwork that we’ve created together. Then, you can watch me live and have drinks and dance.”

She announced the date this week tweeting:

“artRave is Nov. 10 NY loc. TBA. 1800 ppl will be allowed in. The final retrograde phase of Mercury will occur, transitioning communication.”

Gaga added:

“It will reveal the miscommunications in our lives. We will no longer be able to side-step the consequences of what we choose to say.”

Sounds intriguing!

Also, because apparently the world is full of Lady Gaga news today, O2 announced that they will be exclusively streaming ARTPOP to their UK customers, before the albums’s official release date.

The phone network tweeted:

“Here’s the #GagaExclusive. ARTPOP has dropped in the #O2Tracks app before going on sale. Listen free on any network

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