Let’s Dance For Comic Relief: Alex Jones admits working with ex-boyfriend Steve Jones was ‘weird’

Alex Jones has admitted that it was a bit ‘weird’ to work with her ex-boyfriend Steve Jones again.

The One Show star teamed up with handsome Steve to front Let’s Dance For Comic Relief, after Claudia Winkleman stepped down and revealed that doing the initial press photoshoot for the show was strange.

Speaking on This Morning she said:

To be honest Phillip, the photoshoot initially was a bit strange. It was all like we’ve done this before and it was all can you get a little closer and we were like….oh ok!

But it’s quite nice, we’ve known each other for about ten or eleven years so actually the chemistry is already there and we know how the other one is going to react, so it just feels pretty easy.

On whether Steve requested her for the month long series, Alex added:

I think he suggested that it would be me, I mean him and Claudia got on pretty well and he worried that in such a short space of time who would they get that he knew and could build a relationship with on screen pretty quickly – so he just thought “Al would be good” and it’s worked quite well.

And Alex hasn’t been giving her former flame an easy time. She joked:

Somebody’s got to pull him into line and for four weeks that person is going to be me.

Alex has previously been rumoured to be in talks with BBC bosses about joining the lineup for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. Speaking about the reports she said:

Well with Strictly again, the standard is up here and I’d be quite scared to do Strictly. I’m ok at ballet but they don’t do much ballet do they.

So would Dancing On Ice be a possibility then? She laughed:

Ice skate? I’m not bad at ice skating….well I can go round once without falling.

Lisa McGarry

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