Let’s Dance For Comic Relief final: Antony Cotton proves his tap brilliance with ‘Anything Goes’


Antony Cotton just gave his second performance on Let’s Dance For Comic Relief as he made his bid to be declared the winner of the BBC series.

The Coronation Street star was the outright winner of his heat a few weeks ago, when he impressed the judges and public alike with his rather accomplished tap dance routine and was sent straight through to tonight’s grand finale.

He didn’t seem all that nervous about performing again before he took to the stage, in fact the camp actor was more concerned about watching Taylor Swift perform. He tweeted:

“Just done the dress rehearsal for tonight. About to do the pretend result, whilst watching Taylor Swift perform #hardlife”


This evening Cotton put on his grumpy persona in his pre-performance VT and acted like the Victor Meldrew of soap land, however on stage the jazz hands were out, the smile was back and he seemingly enjoyed the whole thing from beginning to end.

He danced with his faux pensioners, avoided their enthusiastic snogs with ease and in between showed that all the money his mum spent on those tap dancing lessons during his teenage years were well worth every penny.


We loved Cotton’s performance as much the second time round and our only complaint was that maybe he was too good for the comedy show. Half the fun is usually in how bad the performers tend to be.

Greg Davies said:

“Before this time two weeks ago Antony had never danced before in his whole life, tap dancing is that easy to pick up.”

Jo Brand added:

“I thought it was brilliant and it made me desperate to be in an old peoples home.”

Frank Skinner concluded:

“It was right up my 42nd Street.”

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Lisa McGarry

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