Listen up Kendall Jenner! Harry Styles admits “Relationships are not easy” as One Direction return to work!

by Lisa McGarry


Harry Styles has opened up about his ideal woman and we imagine there are millions of interested ladies around the world who will be willing to act on this information.

The One Direction star has more than 19 million Twitter followers and fans in every corner of the globe. He wins more awards for his smile and fashion sense than he could fit in a whole room of shelves and is generally considered to be one of the most eligible young bachelors around.

Harry has been linked to a whole series of beautiful women over the years and most recently he’s been reportedly seeing reality TV star Kendall Jenner, though we have to admit, we’re a little sceptical about that whole showmance.

In a new interview with Top Of The Pops magazine Haz has revealed what it’s going to take to get him to settle down and what sort of woman he needs to meet, if he’s to end up in a long term relationship.

He told the publication he wants to meet someone with a “good sense of humour,” who is also “funny, loyal and [has] a nice smile.”

harry styles

Styles added:

“Someone I can take home to my parents.”

However he isn’t holding out much hope for now and it sounds like the 1D hunk has been burned by past breakups as he continued:

“Relationships are not easy, that’s for sure.”

One Direction are mobbed almost everywhere they go.

They’ve caused chaos in airports around the world, a person could go deaf from all the screaming at their concerts and last year the band were almost the subject of a police investigation when they became involved in a high speed car chase with fans as they made their way to a hotel in Australia.

Styles still doesn’t understand why his band cause such an extreme reaction when they meet with Directioners and after enduring three years of girls fainting every time he opens his mouth, he confessed:

harry styles

“I’m not sure I understand why the girls love us so much. Though maybe it’s because we don’t pretend to be anything we’re not.”

He added:

“Yes, we can be idiots sometimes. We are like those boys in the back of the class – throwing paper and making a noise. I think the girls can relate to us in that classroom way, we’re basically just a bunch of normal lads.”

One Direction have enjoyed a few months of a break, since they last performed together in December 2013.

However they’re all back in the UK now and preparing to go back to work and this weekend they’ll begin rehearsals for their appearance at The Brit Awards on the 19th February.

The X Factor stars are up for three awards on the night, best band, best single and best video and are hoping to walk away with at least one of the gongs.

Their boss Simon Cowell doesn’t care if they walk away empty handed though and told The Mirror today that he wouldn’t worry if the stars never picked up a trophy in their whole career, as long as their records were selling well.

No pressure there then!

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  1. 1DB on February 13, 2014 at 5:13 am

    Notice how Harry always says “someone” he can talk to, “someone” he can take home to mom. Everyone just assumes he’s talking about a girl but he’s not. Also, Harry is NOT dating Kendall Jenner so can we leave her out of this??

  2. Marie on February 13, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    i swear rumors cause to much drama and health problems these days! pleas eleave the poor boy alone!

  3. Emily on February 14, 2014 at 7:43 am

    I hate the fact that people have big mouths to talk but DONT noe the truth!

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