Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards had airport breakdown when Zayn Malik cruelly dumped her!

Perrie Edwards had a massive breakdown in an airport, days after Zayn Malik dumped her last summer.

The Little Mix beauty dated her One Direction hunk for more than three years. They were engaged to be married and had their whole lives planned out. Then, months after he left his boyband, the Story Of My Life hitmaker abruptly decided he wanted to bespangle.

This week Perrie has revealed that the singer dumped her by text, after a romantic weekend away for her birthday.

In a new interview she admitted that there was more drama to follow and she had a real breakdown, after speaking to her former beau.

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“I was at the airport and I got an awful phone call, erm, from someone,” Perrie told iHeart Radio. “And then… I just… what did I…? I just remember screaming in the airport. I was like a women possessed! It was awful! It just blubbed and blubbed and I thought I was going to explode.”

“She had a little mini breakdown in the airport,” bandmate Jade Thirlwall said. “And it was in the security line and so we thought ‘oh God.’” Fellow bandmate Leigh-Anne Pinnock added: “We literally just made a little shell huddle around her so that no one could see her and we were like, ‘It’s okay, just let it out.’”

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Perrie is getting her revenge this week and has been very up front about the fact that her band’s new single is an absolute diss track. Shoutout to My Ex has definitely been inspired by Zayn and many of the lyrics convey, in a not very complimentary manner, how badly Edwards still feels about the whole affair.

We are just glad that the blonde beauty had her Little Mix bandmates about her while the drama unfolded. It would have been hard for her to cope without them.

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