This Is Liverpool heading for TV premiere as Chelsey Harwood reveals celeb support

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There has been plenty of furore and kickup online but it seems the premiere of a brand new reality TV show based in Liverpool is going ahead.

We reported last week that a petition was launched by concerned Liverpool community leaders, who blasted the representation of their city and culture.

Thousands of Scousers added their name to the protest list and even the Lord Mayor came out to criticise the show, however production company Phenomenal TV have revealed that the launch is still going ahead.

Originally This Is Liverpool was to be screened on E4 and if the pilot achieved decent ratings the episode would be followed by an entire series.

However last week Channel 4 bosses insisted they will not be airing the fly not he wall show, featuring transgender star Chelsey Harwood.

A minute long trailer for the show has wracked up more than half a million views in just a week and it seems that there is an appetite for the bums, drunkenness, fights and debauchery which has been planned. The news is no surprise to programme makers and an insider from the production company posted:

this is liverpool

“Phenomenal Pictures can confirm ‘This Is Liverpool’ has NOT been axed and will explode onto UK TV screens in 2014”

On the 1st March they tweeted:

“‘This Is Liverpool’ 8 days to go.. Prepare yourselves”

While already This Is Liverpool has it’s fair share of detractors, there are those that are excited about the launch. Twitter comments have included:

“The more people fume about #TIL the more excited i get to watch it! @PhenomenalTV”

this is liverpool

“To be honest with you all I am probably going to watch tha this is Liverpool thing when its on”

“Can’t wait to watch ‘this is liverpool’ it really is the best city in the world …..”

“Why are people acting like they’re fuming about this is Liverpool? Gang of sheep. Who’s assed. Bit of harmless fun. All the ones that are”

“I can gaurentee everyone who’s moaning about This is Liverpool are going to end up watching it”

Chelsey Harwood This Is Liverpool

Cast members are already on the receiving end of a backlash though and Chelsey claimed that she was the victim of online, homophobic bullying on her Facebook page last week.

However Chelsey has also been getting some celebrity support and she told her Facebook friends:

“Lovely messages off Rebecca ferguson, marine off Geordie shore and Suzanne Collins.. Amazing girls šŸ’•”

Watch the trailers and let us know what you think of This Is Liverpool below…

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