Lord Sugar denies sexing up The Apprentice with “dolly birds” to boost dwindling ratings & he hates saying “You’re Fired!”

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Lord Sugar has quickly shot down any talk that The Apprentice has been sexed up with “dolly birds” this year, in a bid to save the show after it took a nose dive off a cliff in terms of ratings last year.

Last year’s final was three and a half million viewers down on the previous year’s 10 million, so the sceptics among us think that Lord Sugar may have stuffed the boardroom with as many pretty females he can lay his hands on to save the show.

However, in an interview with The Sun he’s denied all claims stating it’s just that women want to look their best when appearing on the TV – my eye!

He said: “I don’t think the glamour is going to affect ratings. That wasn’t intentional.

“To be honest with you, people make the best of themselves when they know they are going to be on TV. There was no deliberate, ‘Get a load of dolly birds’ or anything like that”.

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The line-up, which has been dubbed as the “Sugar Babes” includes 25-year-old mum of one, Luisa Zissman, 22-year-old Sophie Lau, former model Leah Totton aged 24, 30-year-old Natalie Panayi who claims she is the “complete package”, Francesca MacDuff-Varley, 32 and finally, medical rep Rebecca Slater aged 35.

He went on to add that the only way he will stop doing the show is when someone at the BBC shouts “You’re Fired!” across a table at him. Modestly, he added that “many attempts have been made to replicate The Apprentice and my position” but they’ve “often copied but never equalled”. I reckon that ego of his has its own gravitational force it’s that big!

Meanwhile, in an interview The Mirror, the 66-year-old said he doesn’t like doing the whole, finger in the face “You’re Fired!” palaver.

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He insisted: “Regretfully, it’s part of a written commitment. I would far prefer to say ‘I’m Sorry, you’re at the end of the stage.’” – hmm, we believe you Sugar!

He even went as far to say: “I’m depicted as this nasty banging-the-table bloke. You don’t see all the laughs we have” Oh, we can imagine the giggles you have over some of the ruddy mistakes them contestants make.

The Apprentice returns at 9pm on BBC One this evening.

Take a look at the promo for this year’s The Apprentice, below:

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