Made In Chelsea Series 6: Andy Jordan admits he hates Spencer Matthews and that he wanted to slap Louise Thompson over Niall Horan incident!

by Anna Howell


Well this news is hardly shocking, but Andy Jordan has admitted that he hates his Made In Chelsea co-star and former love rival, Spencer Matthews!

Fans of the BAFTA award-winning E4 reality show will know how Jordan and Matthews locked horns the very first moment that they met back in series 4, after Andy made his attraction to Louise Thompson, Matthews’ girlfriend at the time, painfully obvious.

For the next series and a half Jordan continued his tireless campaign to steal Thompson away from Spenny, which Matthews helped with by cheating on the pint-sized Geography student several times.

Now, with the new series fast approaching, Jordan has revealed that, despite his triumph in getting the girl, he still doesn’t think too highly of Spenny at all!

Discussing the rivalry with the Daily Star, Jordan admitted:

“I’m not going to lie, I hate Spencer. He’s a b*****d.”


However, he was quick to add that no rivalry on the show is too bitter, explaining:

“We actually all really like each other but really hate each other at the same time.”

Moving on to the new series, he continued:

“The new series is more real than ever before.”


One particular situation we are all desperate to check in on is the atmosphere between Jordan and Thompson after she went off the radar when spending the night with a mystery man who may or may not have been One Direction star Niall Horan, of which Jordan commented:

“I love Louise and I will always love her and I hope she would say the same thing.

“You can’t fault her, well actually I could fault her at the end of last series. I wanted to smack her to kingdom come.”

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Another relationship to watch is the new and blossoming one between Spencer Matthews and his latest squeeze, The Hills star Stephanie Pratt who has been spotted filming with Spenny and the rest of the cast for the new series – despite Spenny admitting that their romance will end when she flies back to America.

And, whilst we are sure that Stephanie’s direct predecessor Lucy Watson won’t be swapping Skype addresses with her anytime soon, the one before that, Louise Thompson, has had nothing but kind things to say about her!


Thompson explained to Reveal magazine:

“I didn’t like her in The Hills, as she seemed at bit crazy, but she’s totally not like that.

“If anything, Stephanie is one of the most normal and down to earth people in our group of friends. I really like her.

“I can’t wait to see her on the show. Stephanie and Spencer are so loved-up. It’s all good.”

The new series of Made In Chelsea is due back on our E4 screens this autumn!