Made In Chelsea: Naked picture of Spencer Matthews leaks on to internet!

by Anna Howell


Well, it’s a sight that not many women in the UK have not seen before, but Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has found a full frontal nude picture of himself making its way through social media circuits!

Spencer Matthews recently revealed that his tally of female friends with benefits is somewhere near the 1,000 mark, which makes sense if you have been keeping count of just how many times he has cheated on co-stars in the show over the past three years alone.

Matthews’ has always been open about his love of female company and could even be seen at the beginning of the current series explaining it all to a therapist, despite having said over and over again that he is NOT a sex addict.

There are some women, in Chelsea in particular, who would disagree with that statement, especially Louise Thompson who he not only cheated on repeatedly, but once in her own bed!

Since Lucy Spenny has moved to her arch nemesis Lucy Watson, who he also cheated on, then to The Hills star Stephanie Pratt, who he dumped before he had the chance to cheat on, knowing it was only a matter of time.

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

And it would seem that now he is single again (though in his mind we are sure he is never not) he has been making his way through more adoring fans, one of which seemingly captured the moment to share with her friend!

The friend in question posted the picture on social networking site Twitter, along with the caption

“Didn’t believe my mate slept with him so got this photo as proof. Lol @SpencerGeorgeM sorry hun.” [sic].

Before adding later:

‘Lol sorry hun’.

Whilst Spencer seems to have ignored the tweet, and the several apologetic ones from the girl who posted it (though she hasn’t removed the pic, you can see it on her twitter page @NotbasedVicky), the world seems to have gone a bit mad with people wanting to have a look at the reality star without any pants on!

Made In Chelsea continues on Monday night at 10pm on E4.