Made In Chelsea Spoilers: Andy is mad at Louise and Phoebe is mad at Fran – what you have to look forward in tonight’s premier!

by Anna Howell


It is finally here – The day that Made In Chelsea returns for its sixth series, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Fans of the BAFTA award-winning E4 reality show will know how we left the elite gang before the summer, in a state of question where certain relationships were concerned – and now we have some gossip ahead of tonight’s premier to help prepare you for the outcomes.

Having been dumped by Spencer Matthews during series 5, Louise Thompson turned to understudy Andy Jordan who had been waiting in the wings to pick up Spenny’s leftovers as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

It did, and he swooped in claiming Louise as his own, but what he wasn’t prepared for was the fact that during the break up Louise had kind of morphed in to Spenny, or at least obtained some of his less attractive relationship habits.

Whilst declaring at first that they were madly in love and blissfully happy, the proverbial soon hit the fan when Louise went awol for a night with a mystery man who may or may not have been One Direction’s Niall Horan.


Andy took it well and the pair vowed to work through the issue so we were all more than a little surprised when we saw reports that the relationship was still on the rocks, especially when Andy admitting that he had wanted to slap Louise over the incident.

But now we may have the reasons as to why.


According to The Metro in tonight’s episode we will see Louise’s main love rival, Lucy Watson, dropping her right in it with Andy (over an incident we believe may involve her stripping for other men) and if that wasn’t bad enough for poor Andy, Spencer sweeps in defending Louise and scalding Lucy for her spiteful behaviour. Ouch!


Also on the show we will see Phoebe getting a bit narked as she discovers that something is going on between her ex Alex (you know the one she got furious with Lucy Watson for seeing) and her best friend Fran.

Where could it all possibly go from here?

We shall have to tune in to E4 tonight at 10pm to find out, but in the meantime watch a trailer for it in the clip below: