Made In Chelsea: Andy Jordan says Spencer Matthews/ Lucy Watson relationship is like “Darth Vader teaming up with the Grim Reaper”

by Anna Howell


The tension in Made In Chelsea doesn’t look likely to thaw any time soon, as Andy Jordan has come out and had his say with regards to the fall out.

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how, as revealed during last week’s episode, Andy has started a new relationship with Louise Thompson.

Andy made his feelings about Thompson abundantly clear when he first joined the show at the beginning of the last series, despite the fact that she was with Spencer Matthews.

When he finally gave up chasing her, Andy then had a brief fling with fellow newbie, Lucy Watson, who then dumped him to continue her mission to sleep with the whole of Chelsea.


Meanwhile Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson inevitably split up after it was revealed that he had not only cheated on her several times, but in her own bed.

The situation was helped along by Lucy Watson who, having set her sights on Spenny herself, took great pleasure in informing Thompson that he had asked her out during their last relationship ‘break.’


So, it came as no surprise when the couples ended up re-forming with Matthews and Watson announcing that they were now together, and Jordan and Thompson doing the same.

spencer-lucy-kiss andy-jordan-louise-spencer

But despite this all four involved have made it their new mission to throw mud at each other at every possible opportunity, and now it would seem that it is Andy’s turn!

Talking to Digital Spy about the “terrifying” relationship between Matthews and Watson, he admitted:

“I don’t know the ins and outs of their relationships, but I guess they’re made for each other. They’re two peas in a pod. Neither of them give a rat’s arse about what other people think of them.

“[Their relationship] is scary. It’s like Darth Vader teaming up with the Grim Reaper. No, I think they’re pretty happy together now, which is cool.”


Digital Spy then went straight over to Matthews who was attending the same event, and relayed Jordan’s remarks, to which he replied:

“Obviously he’s hearing a lot [of bad things] from Louise, which probably doesn’t help.

“That’s rather two-faced of him to be honest, because we get on quite well when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

Matthews, who just to remind you started his new relationship with Lucy Watson at the exact same time, then went on to say how he thought that Louise had rushed into a relationship with Jordan.

Made In Chelsea continues tonight at 10pm on E4, if you missed last week’s episode, then catch up below: