Made In Chelsea: Binky Felstead says her male co-stars need to grow up!

by Anna Howell


With most of her Made In Chelsea co-stars at war with one another, Binky Felstead has come out to give her male friends a stern talking to, telling them that they need to grow up!

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how love in Chelsea is pretty complicated, and slightly incestuous too!

This group of people pass each other around the same way us less privileged people swap recipes, and have all in some way or another been connected to everyone else in the group sexually.

Jamie Laing, who is heir to the McVitie’s fortune, was seeing Louise Thompson, the ex-girlfriend of his best friend and co-star, Spencer Matthews, last year before Spencer stole her back on a trip to Dubai for her birthday. Louis and Spencer then broke up a few weeks later and Matthews went on to take part in this year’s Channel 5 reality dating show, the Bachelor, where he picked Chloe Evans as his winner.

Chloe and Spencer lasted all of five minutes before her returned back to the arms of Thompson whilst Chloe started going out with Tom Pearce, who is a star of MIC rival reality show, The Only Way Is Essex.

Laing then went on to woo his good friend and, you guessed it, MIC co-star, Binky Felstead, before callously breaking her heart and moving on to new MIC star, Lucy Watson.

Lucy then dumped Jamie in favour of his new co-star, Andy Jordan, who had previously been trying to steal Thompson from Matthews. Before Jordan had settled with Watson, however, he had made a play for Matthews OTHER ex-girlfriend, Sophia Sassoon, but she dumped him in favour of Oliver Proudlock, whose best friend is Francis Boulle. Francis decided he had feelings for Sophia himself, and when Sophia found this out, she dumped Proudlock and went to declare her feelings to Francis, who had already moved on to newcomer, Ashley.

Meanwhile, things looked rosy for Jordan and Watson, until Watson got bored of him and coldly dumped him, setting her sights instead on Spencer Matthews!

Andy responded by sleeping with Binky, then dumping her, leaving her crying on the shoulder of best friends, Ollie Locke and Cheska Hull yet again. Ollie had dumped girlfriend, and co-star, Gabriella Ellis as he decided he was gay. Then, he decided he was not and slept with her again, then dumped her again too.

Now, as things currently stand Spencer and Louise have broken up again, for good this time we are assured, with Thompson now seeing Jordan and Matthews now seeing Lucy Watson.

Jamie Laing did have a girlfriend, though we haven’t seen anything of her since Lucy Watson told everyone that she had hooked up with him in a hot tub behind her back.

Ashley is currently now with Ollie Locke, though not for much longer we don’t think, and Oliver Proudlock is currently sniffing round new cast member Phoebe, whose ex boyfriend Josh he sacked from his company a short while ago and Binky, Francis and Cheska all remain single.

So, there you have it, and things are never going to change until the men of the group grow up, according to Binky Felstead!


Discussing it with heat magazine, with her new BFF Lucy Watson by her side, the bubbly reality star explained:

“Those boys have all got commitment issues and Jamie shouldn’t have a girlfriend. They all need to grow up pretty quick-smart and the show isn’t helping them.

“They all think they’re Peter Pan.”


On the subject of Jamie and the hot tub, Lucy added:

“I asked him about 15 times when we were in Verbier, because he was always on the phone, and he swore he didn’t have a girlfriend.”

Binky added: “He also tried to do a lot more than kiss Lucy.”

Lucy said: “Yeah, he tried a lot more than that.”

Made In Chelsea continues tonight at 10pm on E4, if you missed last week’s episode, then catch up below: