Made In Chelsea: Cheska chases Sam away, Sophia ruffles feathers and Jamie blows it with Binky (again)

by Anna Howell

At the end of last week’s Made In Chelsea, you would be forgiven for thinking that after the kiss between Jamie Laing and Binky Felstead, a happy ever after was inevitable for last night’s instalment, but alas you would have been wrong!

Fans of the hit E4 show will know how since the beginning of the new series the big question has hung over the possible relationship between the two friends and after last week when they finally kissed it seemed like the question had been answered.  However, last night proved that whilst the kiss seemed very romantic and meaningful, the pair had not been in contact with each other since.

Binky explained to Ollie, Cheska and Gabrielle during a spa retreat detox how she felt like she was being treated like a mug by Jamie, and that she didn’t know if he was worth all the hassle.  You could tell she still really liked him though, especially when the phone rang and it was him!

Jamie had been grilled constantly over his new relationship status, but it seems he spent so much time talking about what his next move should be, he forgot to actually make it!

When he eventually did call Binky, she played it very cool, refusing another date due to schedule issues, but the pair agreed to meet on Richard Dinan’s boat party to discuss their current situation.

That conversation didn’t go well at all, and whilst we don’t believe he meant it that way, Jamie basically told Binky he was worried that he was too good friends with her to have some fun then blow her out later.

The clip from next week suggests that this isn’t going to be resolved anytime soon.

One relationship which did look a lot more stable this week was that of Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson.  Now that Spencer has welcomed Andy Jordan into the fold of his clique, he now feels more comfortable with his love rivals presence, so much so that he even invited Andy, Stevie and Sam along to Brighton with him, Jamie, Francis and Proudlock to play volleyball.

Of course, where there is Spencer, drama is never far behind, and it looked like it could get quite messy when one of his ex’s, Sophia Sassoon, turned up for drinks with the girls.  Louise looked very put out, and Spencer did everything in his power to make Sophia feel as uncomfortable as possible, even at one point suggesting that she used to have a thing with Francis, something both them denied, then when comparing notes privately later, laughed at how the one time they did hook up was when Sophia was meant to be seeing Spencer, scandalous!

However, the awkwardness didn’t last too long, and it seemed like the answer to everyone’s prayers had been answered when Sophia met Andy, and there seemed to be a certain spark between them (in a ‘if I can’t have Spencer’s current girlfriend, I shall settle for a former one’ kind of way).

But, I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet, as whilst they both declared a mutual really like of each other, the clip from next week see’s Andy sniffing around Louise again, and Spencer not really finding it very funny!

Speaking of sniffing around, Cheska Hull seized an opportunity last night when Binky declared she had turned away Sam over Jamie and asked for his number.  She text him asking him out for drinks, to which he replied maybe a coffee, and then on Richard’s boat he made his thoughts about them being a couple incredibly clear, repeatedly calling her mate, telling her she was a mate, and how he could never have too many mates!  After a while Cheska seemed to get the hint and bowed out.

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