Made In Chelsea Christmas Special: Gabriella Ellis leaves show, Spencer Matthews gets a slap from Millie Mackintosh for cheating on Louise Thompson and Francis Boulle finally gets his girl!

by Anna Howell

Last night saw the festive Made In Chelsea special, and was stuffed to the turkey with drama, tears and kisses!

First of all, after their brief encounter in Amsterdam, the tension between Ollie Locke and ex-girlfriend, Gabriella Ellis, reached boiling point.

Fans of the show will know how after one of the messiest and most uncomfortable break-ups in the history of the world (no girl likes to be told she is being dumped because their fella decides he is gay) followed by an unwavering bitterness and resentment towards each other, Ollie Locke and Gabriella Ellis decided to reward their grown-up truce by sleeping with each other again during a pre-Christmas trip to Amsterdam.

Richard Dinan summed it up marvellously over breakfast by saying “She (Gabriella) had just settled down again, and then you had to go and do that” when Ollie announced the news to the entire group over French toast. However, since getting back to Chelsea, Ollie (who was gently reminded of how many bunnies lost their lives through boiling the first time he dumped her), kept a rather cold distance from the aspiring singer, not wanting to embark on another relationship with her again, or feel her wrath either!

Gabriella insisted that she didn’t want a relationship with Ollie either, and repeatedly tried to tell him this, but after several attempts, and seemingly not getting the reaction she was hoping for, she must have remembered herself how scary she can be when it comes to this man, and made a decision to leave Chelsea for good to avoid any unpleasantness.

Turning up in waiting taxi, she ran in quickly to announce to her friends:”I’m leaving Chelsea and I’m not sure when I’m coming back.”

Everyone was shocked, none more so than Ollie, who raced after her to ask her why she was leaving, to which she tearfully replied: “I love Chelsea but it’s just not for me anymore,”

Ollie pleaded with her not go on his account, declaring: “I want you there in my life every step of the way,” which Gabriella agreed to do, but still go in the taxi and left.

Elsewhere, and the gang were out celebrating Christmas in true Chelsea style, but Sophia wasn’t feeling festive at all. Having previously enquired with Francis Boulle as to whether he would be going to the party she was devastated to learn that he was ditching it to spend an evening with his new girlfriend, Ashley, and her friends. Sophia did not hide her disappointment well, but half way through the night she received a phone call from Francis saying he wanted to talk to her about something, but that it had to be in person. She turned round to see him stood behind her in a scene mimicking a great rom-com. He had ended things with Ashley and finally they declared their true feelings for each other and sealed the deal with a kiss.

They were on their way out when Francis made a detour over to Millie and Rosie, saying he felt he had to tell them, as Louise’s closest friends, that he had it on good authority that Spencer had been seeing his ex-girlfriend behind Louise’s back, and that he had also slept with someone else whilst they had been together.

Throughout the episode, and series in fact, the main topic of conversation had been about the issues in Spencer and Louise’s relationship with Millie declaring that there “were definitely trust issues there”, so when she heard this news she wasted no time on going over to tell Louise, in front of Spencer, just what he had been getting up to.

Marching over she demanded: “I think you owe Louise the truth.” Spencer denied all knowledge of the accusations, but something seemed to twig with Louise who remembered how the night before she went back to Glasgow she hadn’t been able to get hold of him and that she had already had a “bad feeling about that night” when he didn’t come home.

Spencer told Louise “You can believe whatever you want. I would never do that to you,” but it was clear to see that what she chose to believe was that he was still a slimy, two-timing rat and burst in to tears at the thought of their failed relationship. Spencer got rather aggressive and blamed Millie for making his girlfriend cry, which she responded with by a really hard slap across the face telling him that all this was his own doing.

We aren’t sure what the future holds for these two, but something in Louise’s eye tells us she will probably forgive and forget, anything to keep her Spenny – whilst Jamie Laing looked on ever so slightly smug – Karma is a bitch, isn’t it Louise?

Watch a clip from last night’s Christmas special below: