Made In Chelsea: Francis Boulle says Lucy Watson is “aggressively and openly superficial”

by Anna Howell

Made In Chelsea star, Francis Boulle, has revealed that he isn’t the biggest fan of the show’s newcomer, Lucy Watson.

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how Lucy was first introduced to us during the last series when she went on a date with Jamie Laing after meeting him on a boy’s night out. When Jamie tried to re-arrange another date with her, she turned down his offer to accompany him to Rosie’s dinner party, stating she was too busy, and then turned up on the night with one of Jamie’s best friends, Andy Jordan.

She and Andy enjoyed a brief relationship until Lucy, the self-proclaimed ‘player’ decided he wasn’t exciting enough, and set her sights on notorious MIC lothario, Spencer Matthews, despite him going out with Louise Thompson.

Now, with Spencer and Louise seemingly broken up after Francis blew the whistle on Spencer’s cheating ways, the path may be set for Lucy to swoop in, but according to diamond dealer, Francis, Spencer may have met his match as Lucy only cares about herself!

Speaking to new! online about Watson, Francis – who fans saw finally hook up with Sophia Sassoon during Monday’s Christmas special, explained:

“She’s aggressively and openly superficial.

“I don’t think she really cares about substance and internal value.

“I think she genuinely only cares about how she looks and how other people look. And I think she’d openly admit that.”

However, ever kind Francis went on to explain that he did feel sorry for Lucy, adding:

“I think it’s kind of sad.” He continued.

“Hopefully one day she’ll realise there’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. To quote Zoolander!”

He then went on to point out that, despite her shallow exterior, Lucy was quite funny:

“She does come out with some cracking lines.” He joked.

If you missed Monday night’s cracking Made In Chelsea’s Christmas conclusion, watch it in full in the window below: