Made In Chelsea: Jamie Laing falls in a bush and could Andy Jordan be launching a pop career?

by Anna Howell


We didn’t think we could actually love Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing any more than we did already, but pictures in today’s Daily Mail of him on a boozy rampage have literally made our day!

Jamie, heir to the McVitie’s biscuit fortune, has been pictured on a night out in the gang’s favourite holiday resort of St Tropez in France, making a merry show of himself after one too many champers.

The star, who found himself at the centre of many a drama last series, can be seen eating a kebab, falling in a bush, play fighting and attempting a handstand on the counter of a local late night café in the pictures published today.

However, the fun soon turned sour when he managed to lose his balance and fall over in the street causing his friends to rush to his side to help him back up.


And the next morning the joke had definitely worn off as the star took to social networking site Twitter to tell fans:

“I’m not feeling well and I’m in St Tropez. Not a good combo. Can someone please come help me.”

Meanwhile, his co-star Andy Jordan has much more sober ambitions – to be a pop star!


Jordan, who recently had a brief split with his co-star girlfriend Louise Thompson after she spent an incident free night with a mystery man who may or may not have been One Direction’s Niall Horan, has been discussing his dreams with Heat magazine:

“Music’s always been a bit of a bedroom hobby for me, and I’ve never actually had the balls to step out and do it, but I’m kind of getting there. So sometime soon there will be some music from me.

“I try to focus on being quite acoustic; quite raw. Because it’s quite a hard thing to do with everyone going, ‘Oh look – there’s a Reality star tackling a music career’.

“So I’m just trying to stick to being quite low-key; quite live.”

Made In Chelsea returns to our screens later this year – if you missed the series 5 end of series party, catch up below: