Made In Chelsea: Jamie Laing says Spencer Matthews and Stephanie Pratt “won’t last!”

by Anna Howell

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

Twitter/Spencer Matthews

When it comes to the love life of Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, no one is more qualified to judge than his co-star Jamie Laing!

Not only is Jamie Spenny’s best friend of old, he has also been on the destruction end of Matthews’ ruthless behaviour when it comes to women.

Cast your minds back to series 3 when Jamie tactfully asked Matthews if it was OK to pursue his ex-friend with benefits, Louise Thompson, which Matthews gave his blessing for declaring he had no feelings for the pint-sized reality star.

A few weeks later Spenny broke the cardinal friendship rule and swept Louise straight out from under Jamie’s feet claiming her for his own.

Until a few weeks later still when, whilst Jamie still licked his wounds, he dumped Thompson in order to take part in the Channel 5 reality dating show, The Bachelor.

Spencer dumping Louise

Spencer dumping Louise

Since then he has gone back to Louise only to cheat on her in her own bed before dumping her (whilst mocking her) in a cruel display of the biggest lack of respect we have ever seen anyone show another human being, let alone someone they were apparently madly in love with the week before.

Then there was Lucy Watson who made Spenny work for their relationship, only to be cheated on also when Spenny had ten minutes going spare on holiday.

Now, with the fourth series creeping up, Spencer is currently dating The Hills star Stephanie Pratt (who has even been spotted filming the BAFTA award-winning E4 reality show with him) but according to Jamie Laing, it won’t last!

Jamie Laing Spencer Matthews kissing Christmas Special under misteltoe

And you can’t really blame him for his doubts given Spenny’s reputation, and the fact that he has already been spotted apparently cheating on her.

According to Laing, who is heir to the McVitie’s’ biscuit fortune, the distance between them, geographically, will pose far too much a challenge for Spenny and his wild oat-sewing ways!

Discussing the situation with Star magazine, Laing explained:

“Stephanie lives in LA, so it’s never going to work unless she moves here. Do I think it’s going to last? No

“They really like each other [but] he just messes up. He cheats and unfortunately it’s all caught on TV.”


Laing isn’t the only MIC cast member to cast doubt on the blossoming (according to their Twitter messages) romance, Lucy Watson (who we are sure isn’t bitter in the slightest) recently said that she didn’t even believe the relationship was real and that they were using each other to increase their fame, saying:

“I don’t think they are a couple,

“I could be wrong, but I think they’re being pictured together for press attention.”

Made In Chelsea is due to return to our screens this autumn – If you missed last series’ studio wrap party episode, catch up below: