Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson is back, and jealous of Lucy and Francis Boulle makes Sophia Sassoon cry!

by Anna Howell

Last night’s Made In Chelsea saw Jamie Laing, Oliver Proudlock and Francis Boulle come together to celebrate their birthdays in a joint Neverland themed party, but it’s not a MIC party without a bit of drama.

And the drama mainly came from the continuing tension between good friends Proudlock, Francis and their shared love interest, Sophia Sassoon.

Fans of the hit E4 reality show will know how Francis is having a hard time accepting the new romance between his two good friends after realising that he had feelings for Sophia himself! However, unable to admit these feelings, Francis has resorted to sulking a lot to make it abundantly clear he isn’t happy.

However, his hints have failed to destroy the relationship, until last night it would seem.

Haven given up on hoping that Sophia just magically falls in love with him (which we all know she sort of has anyway) Francis resorted to being mean to his best gal pal, which resulted in many tears. But, in a very Greek-tragedy twist sort of way, whilst Sophia confides in Proudlock that she think they may have to end things, Francis has found himself a new play mate. We wonder how he will feel next week, as the promo clip showed Sophia calling time with Proudlock for definite, saying she had feelings for someone else…

Elsewhere, Andy Jordan arranged to cook dinner for Lucy after discussing the whole ‘slut’ rumour with Spencer. She insisted that the rumour was not true, but that she had been in contact with one of Spencer’s friends who she used to date, which angered Andy as he had stuck up for her. However, after a vegetarian chicken curry, they decided to put the whole sorry matter to bed, and then promptly followed it there!

Louise Thompson was back this week in time for the party, and seemed rather inappropriately jealous of Lucy! Grabbing five minutes alone with Andy she did all she could to put him off Lucy, whilst the pair were watched closely by a jealous partner, and for once it was not Spencer Matthews, it was Lucy!

Lucy decided to grab Louise herself, after confiding in Carly that she felt Louise was flirting with her man, and basically made it very clear that Andy was hers, as well as saying that she thought Spencer was a t***. With that Spencer came over and the three had an exchange of words before Andy came over to defuse the situation. Very odd!

Meanwhile, Ollie Locke is getting more and more obvious is his returned affections towards Gabriella Ellis, and, whilst she insists to Binky while showing her topless album photo shoot pics that they will only ever be just friends, he makes quite a few flirty moves towards the singer to the point we think she may just change her mind!

If you missed last week’s Made In Chelsea, catch up in the clip below:

Made In Chelsea continues next Monday on E4 at 10pm.